Helen fisher on dating

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Helen fisher on dating - Free sexual dating sites for ipad

"Just remember to squeeze your PC muscles as you thrust because it can help you both have bigger, better orgasms more quickly." Hard as it is to believe, hopping into the sack isn't always at the top of a man's list. "But honey, it was so cute when you cried during Million Dollar Baby." He walks into the bathroom carrying three collector's issues of sports magazines and a bottle of antacid.He stuffed himself silly at your "romantic" dinner.

To make his head spin as you're pleasuring him, try this trick: "Break away every now and then to drag your tongue along the crease between his pelvis and inner thigh, which will flood his lower body with increased sensation," Fulbright says.

Get a read on exactly when — and how — your guy wants to be wowed in the sack by checking out our sexy hints. His mood clues: After your man whups his pals on the basketball court or nails an important deal at work, he's likely to crave an uninhibited quickie against a wall or a lusty shag anywhere there's a smooth surface. Translation: He's revved with T-juice and dying to throw you (gently) down on the bed for a serious pleasure session.

Your guy may also be prone to be hungry for some randy roughhousing before breakfast.

"Levels of testosterone tend to be higher in the very early morning," says Fisher.

Sex drive often builds to its highest point from dawn until around 10am.

Kick it up a notch by letting yourself revel aloud about how hot he's getting you or tell him a specific thing you want him to keep doing because it feels so good, suggests Fulbright.

"Verbally boosting his ego can help build orgasmic intensity for you both." His mood clues: Women aren't the only ones who desire slow-burn sexual intimacy.

Then initiate a primal move that fuels his frisky craving.

"Standing sex, where he holds you up against a wall with your legs wrapped around his lower back, gives him an animalistic challenge," says Yvonne K. Your man is in the aggressor role since he's holding you up with his arms and lower bod, and he also gets the visual thrill of watching your breasts bounce during the act.

Let him watch you touch your own erogenous zones, which will make him hot and give you satisfaction too.

When you've tortured him for a few minutes, let him get his hands on the championship prize: you.

This pose also gives him supereasy access to pressing your hot buttons.

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