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Because of time & labor constraints we are not actively adding serial numbers to the database at this time.We do have copies of the old manual Steinberger production logs, and later this year we'll be adding the first few instruments produced each month.

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Depending on the tailpiece, calibrated or uncalibrated double-ball end strings were used, the former required to use the transposing feature of the Trans Trem vibrato unit.

Since Gibson has assured us they will answer Steinberger serial number requests, for now that should suffice.

Original NY made (Brooklyn or Newburgh) L series instruments have up to a 4 digit number.

The Newburgh stamped numbers start with 'N's, in the case of Nashville models a 'TN'.

Because the necks can be removed from the bolt-on models it's not unusual to see them show up on earlier/later factory units or even custom aftermarket bodies. The new Music Yo numbers have dropped the letters and start with number '20000'Prototype numbers run the gamut.

Know that for the first run of Klein's the bodies were shipped to the Newburgh plant and assembled there. Note that the one-piece graphite L series Steinbergers have one numbering scheme, and the bolt-ons another.

As orders and production demands at Steinberger Sound increased, all assembly for the GK's was handed over to Klein directly and the appropriate parts were shipped there. Though duplicates do not show on the list, if there's a #485 L2 there also should be a bolt-on with #N0485.Because most were not destined for retail sale they did not get proper or stamped serial #'s .This does not necessarily diminish their authenticity or collectibility.This should give the casual owner the ability to estimate when their instrument was produced.Gibson again has possession of the original serial number logs.If you wish to verify the date yours was originally invoiced, please contact Gibson customer support.

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