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Yasaka has now adopted it's STS Spin Tension System to the short pips out rubber.

The elastic rubber sheet with relatively short pimples, in conjunction with a medium soft sponge gives excellent spin characteristics that can be used effectively when serving, receiving and when in rally.

The top sheet and “Power Sponge” work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber RAKZA 7.

When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber “grips” the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length.

Speed: 12 Spin : 10 Control :7 Sponge : Medium The new STS-rubber, developed for the coming glue regulations.

With STS-technology (Spin-Tension-System) Yasaka has been able to concentrate the “tension increase” on the spin characteristics.

With RAKZA 7 Soft the control characteristics are improved.

After hitting the ball with top spin the curve of the ball is slightly higher, giving little bit bigger margins in the game. Speed: 10 Spin :7 Control :8 Sponge : Hard XTEND PO XTEND rubber with pimples out.

As a result of technical development based on the incomparable qualities of MARK V, MARK V M2 has been developed as a rubber which gives the ball sharp spin and ultimate speed.

MARK V M2 will give you the highest possible performance.

The geometrical shape of the pimples is designed to give a varied effect when blocking, as well as giving a superior feel and control.

Yasaka Mark V XS The aim when developing MARK V XS is to offer a rubber with superior spin characteristics without loosing too much speed. • the balance of raw material for the top sheet was changed • some new chemicals are added • the production process is improved The result is D. T., Double Accelaration Technology, which gives the rubber extremely strong spin possibilities and good speed.

Yasaka Mark V AD Speed: 10 Spin : 10 Control :10 Sponge : Medium Soft The soft sponge version of the classic Mark V provides the player with two distinct options: With speed glue, it becomes the quintessential high speed, high spin rubber used in today's modern topspin game.

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