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In September 2010, Prabhu Deva admitted to be in love with the actress Nayanthara.In his media statement, he shared that for him, Nayanthara is really special, and he is very much interested in marrying her.

Neither Prabhu Deva nor Nayanthara reacted to the tabloid reports and would often laugh off the matter when quizzed by the media.

She also seeked a ban on Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara making public appearances together, and declared she would go on a hunger strike if her petitions were not addressed.

Things were really taking an ugly turn, and soon the court sent out summons to Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara.

Interestingly, Nayanthara gave a pause to signing new films around circa 2009.

It was now evident that she did so at the behest of Prabhu Deva.

It is said that Ramlath refused to give Prabhu Deva a divorce, and instead filed a court petition against Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara objecting to their affair.

She also stated that her husband was not providing enough financial assistance to his family as a direct effect of his extramarital affair.

It would be a date that the estranged couple would keenly look forward to.[Read More: Trisha Krishnan Marriage]Both the parties failed to show up at the court on the settlement date leading the court to push the date to 10th July, 2011.

It is said that the couple did so to avoid media attention.

By that time, Prabhu Deva realised that he would have to come up with a conditional divorce, and for this reason the couple filed for a divorce a month later in December 2010.

The court finally issued the date of 10th June, 2011, for the divorce settlement.

Ramlath was a Muslim, and she converted to Hinduism before marrying Prabhu Deva.