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Girl on wechat south africa - voice dating

If you don’t want to save your card details on the service, you can also top-up your account with a balance, and pay for airtime, electricity, food, pay Snap Scan merchants or send money to friends.“The new digital wallet service is We Chat’s most exciting offering yet.

You can download then simply log in, tap ‘Me’, then tap ‘Wallet’ and follow the step-by-step instructions.TV ads are great for awareness, but I’d argue the jury’s still out on how successful they are on driving app downloads.Who remembers the QQ instant messaging platform and the flurry of non-stop television advertising for it in the early 2000s? Since the Lionel Messi campaign (which was rather poorly ‘internationalised’), We Chat’s shifted focus to producing and flighting region-specific ads (“We Chat guy”) and has made a noticeable push on traditional radio platforms.What is interesting, is that the We Chat angle was seemingly not part of the original plan.Radio consultancy Ultimate Media, tasked with finding a sponsor/backer for Cliff, confirms it brokered the deal with We Chat.Bit of a disclaimer: the service is only available to South Africans who are 16 or older with a valid ID number and are using i OS or Android phones.

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The link with We Chat, where Cliff has an official account, is obvious.

Programming will stream live within his channel, along with (the already active) soundbite updates and other multimedia.

Now they won’t be inconvenienced if they forget their purses or money at home because everything they need is at their fingertips.” Oh, and all of this done through Standard Bank and its networks of ATMs, which is where you can send money to friends, make easy payments and cash out.

“This service is just another way that Standard Bank is making banking a seamless part of our customers’ daily lives.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the basics of Gareth Cliff’s next independent venture, Cliff Central.