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This is to ensure that the President prioritises disability issues for the full inclusion and effective participation of Persons with Disability (PWDs) in all sectors of the country.Parliament is proposing a ten year period during which a passport in Ghana can be deemed to be valid.

Mary indicated that she dropped out of school at class five as her mother had no money to see her through school while her father was only interested in spending the few coins he got on the consumption of alcohol.

Gbedemah, who enjoyed the experience, continued to explore with girls who were far older than him when he relocated to Tema, and even extended his sexual activities to his master’s daughter during his apprenticeship at Ashaiman, an experience he saw as adventurous since his master never discovered his activities.

Another adolescent disclosed amidst smiles that he had his first sex at the age of 13 but did not discharged into the girl as he was afraid.

Out of the figure, 713 teenage girls got pregnant in 2016, 85 engaged in abortions that nearly killed them, 27 contracted HIV/AIDS while 1,333 were put on family planning.

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She asked her to enter a kiosk and she locked her in with a 40-year-old man who defiled her.

She became pregnant and a report to the Police leading to the arrest of the man who is still on trial.To them, more centres must be opened in the communities as they provided them with the opportunities to discuss and talk freely about their feelings, challenges and fears without being judged by their parents and society.Statistics from the Tema Health Directorate show that the Metropolis has 107,945 adolescent and young people’s out of which Tema Central, accounts for 31,295 while East and West have 34,314 and 42,336 respectively.By bringing back dating to Ghana Web, we want to offer a dating experience adapted to the Ghana taste and culture.My interest in sex started at Teshie at a tender age of about 10 years when I chanced on some three boys having sex in turns with an equally young girl.Former Minister of Interior has disclosed he had a personal reservation about the leadership style of former president, John Dramani Mahama.

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