Get rich slowly dating

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First I need to convince you of the value of SAVING YOUR MONEY -- this is not something most people are good at -- especially young people. If you start with just $10,000, even at 10 percent, you will have more than $450,000 in 40 years.Unless you accept the VALUE of saving your money, you will not be able to make the wise choices you need to make to get on the path to saving $1M. I'm 51 now and I can tell you that 30 years ago, I could have bought a cheaper car after college and saved $10,000.

At 20 percent, each dollar you save compounds into 7 in just 30 years.

That was my excuse then, what's your excuse now?

Now I'm 51 and when I'm 91 I'm sure I'll appreciate having an extra 0,000.

JERUSALEM—Saying they now understood the earliest moments of the Resurrection in greater detail than ever before, archaeologists from Cambridge University announced compelling new evidence Tuesday revealing that Jesus Christ lounged for an extra hour in his tomb before finally rising from the dead.

HOWARD, MD—Shaking his head and sighing as he viewed the televised proceedings, Merrick Garland reportedly grumbled “Could’ve been me” while watching Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s Senate hearing Monday at a local bar with his fellow highway maintenance workers.

THE HEAVENS—Following a wave of high-profile angelic overdoses, the Lord, Our Heavenly Father, announced on Monday a massive crackdown on drugs being smuggled into heaven, purportedly by entering souls.

BURLINGTON, VT—Saying there could be no other cause for the abrupt change in volume, a report released Monday found that a nearby conversation definitely just got quiet to prevent you from hearing it. This simple question is a lot more complicated than it looks: Not surprisingly, the typical personal-finance “expert” has a pre-prepared piece of advice handy: “Always talk to your partner about their finances! ” Uh, yeah, that’s a nice theory, but most people don’t talk to their partners about money for months, if not years. If it was CC debt for frivolous purchases, that’s an entirely different thing."People don't realize that long-term savings and loyalty to one company don't pan out," said Sylvia Girouard, the study's author.Girouard added that steady employment which claims to offer long-term financial gain in the form of a pension plan is nothing more than an elaborate Ponzi scheme.INDIANAPOLIS—Saying that he has always dreamed about the experience, CBS Sports announcer Jim Nantz reportedly wondered aloud what holding a basketball might be like during Friday afternoon’s broadcast.

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