German cyberdating net

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German cyberdating net - Free online video chat with girl without any registration

Mostly we use common sense methods that you can use yourself when you look at a profile.We use custom software, continually enhanced through years of identifying fake profiles, that is able to identify many of the obvious things that are wrong with bogus profiles.

The Cyber Dating Network has no control over the chat room software or the content of the chat room - It is provided as is.The operator may also compare the profile with our database of fake profiles looking for similar ones.Often by simply reading a sentence or two of the profile a human can get a feeling that a profile is not real.A really obvious giveaway is when a new member says he is into reading Shakespeare and he or she misspells Shakespeare.The last two steps are typically performed by the operator to finalize the process.Please notify us if you see nudity or explicit sex on the chat applet.

If someone asks for your money ~ You are not on Adult Cyber!

Every profile is summarized on a screen where a human operator looks it over.

If the software used in the first step found any issues, the suspicious information is highlighted in red for the operator to review.

If the software hasn't already identified the IP Address of the new profile as one that is often trouble, the operator may perform additional look ups.

Using online tools we can determine if the person posted the profile using a computer located in a part of the world other than where the person claims to reside.

You can see every one of the hundreds of thousands of personal ads in the Cyber Dating Network totally free, even our adult personals!