Fun questions when dating

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Fun questions when dating - joel madden and hillary duff dating

If he talks about spending it on material things, he’s probably shallow. If he talks about investing it or giving back to the community, he’s a catch! If the answer is money, don’t be so quick to judge. If you can get through this one without discovering a deal breaker (provided he’s being honest of course), you could possibly be looking at something more than a casual date.16. If your date is outgoing and adventurous, his answer will consist of something that is actually extreme (bungee jumping, skydiving etc.). Either way, this question will give you a better idea of how compatible the two of you are.18.

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The answer to this question can give you a real heads up about your possible future.8.

If you could have a closet full of any designer, who would it be? If he knows and chooses a high end designer, he may be really into his looks.

This may also mean that he takes longer than you to get ready for a date. If he likes yoga, it is smart to conclude he lives a holistic life.

Being an ass to your server is a total no-no and a huge red signal! If he says yes, you could be coy and say “Maybe you could whip me up something sometime”.

If on the other hand, he doesn’t choose to say anything he could be a pushover.34. If not, you could go with “Maybe we should try cooking something together someday”. You might learn that he likes to actually play sports instead of just watching it on television.

Make it fun by sharing a few of your horror online dating experiences.29. The type of childhood your date has experienced may define what type of parent he will be.

If he has great memories, he may be excited to have children, if they weren’t so great, he may have a few things to deal with.30. If you like your date, you want to know what types of things turn him off . The person who inspires him is a direct reflection of the man he wants to be. It will also give you a sneak peek into how he handles certain situations.

If he answers this question, you may be dealing with someone who isn’t afraid to admit his faults. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse situation? If he claims he can dance, challenge him to a dance-off!

A guy who feels that he has no flaws may be conceited and could only be looking into your eyes to see his reflection. These kind of questions are always fun because it gives you a peek into what his mind works like. Of course this would be a good time to promise that you wouldn’t eat each other’s brains if either of you’ll turned.26. It would be a fantastic way to share a few laughs and connect.27.

If your date doesn’t have a preference, that’s great considering women often get bored and change their hairstyle.6. Get to know your date’s ideal woman and why he likes her.

There is a thin line between a crush and an obsession though, so make sure he’s not into her in a creepy stalker kind of way.

You know how you feel about your deal breakers, so pay attention to his! Analyze his choice to figure out what kind of person he is working to become.32. Did he leave her to pay the tab, or did he take her home and never call again?

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