Error validating the formula for column

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Error validating the formula for column

The error persists independent of the persisted flag - if only it were that easy to turn off.Here is the specific bug: "Next release" in this context is most certainly SQL Server 2012, so if you are using 2008 or 2008 R2 SSMS (why? @pst yes persistence has some additional requirements particularly with date/time types. Suggest using the newer version of SSMS - lots of these little bugs are fixed and there are also a lot of improved features.

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The Limitation: even this approach has a limitation, but it has a couple of workarounds.If it were standard math the formula would be: (mmtot * 22) (mattot * 2) odctot mmtot, mattot, and odctot are also computed columns so that may be the problem but I'm not sure.Hi, you should give some more details, especially on the obviously wrong select statement containing those computed columns.For instance, let’s say you’ve made a list of household chores, and you use that list to both assign a priority to each task as well as to note the status of the work: For both the Priority and the Status column, you’d like to enter the values using a dropdown menu, rather than needing to retype a value in each cell: The wrinkle is that you expect this list to live for a while, and there’s a good chance that you may want to have other values available for either the Priority or the Status columns (or both). The quickest way to set this up is with basic data validation: That’s all there is to it, and it works.The Limitation: Suppose that you decided you wanted to add a new value to the list of options, and that, rather than four cells right next to each other, this same data validation rule was used across numerous non-contiguous cells, even cells across multiple worksheets.I’m going to walk through three different ways to accomplish this: Bounce around as you see fit!

You’re using Excel to enter a table of data, where one or more of the columns have a standard set of possible values.I want to create a computed column with this formula: ISNULL(NULLIF (tot_mnc, 0) / NULLIF (repl_value, 0), 0) It works in a straight select query, but when I put it in the formula of the table design window, I get an error "Error validating the formula for column 'test_fci'" I don't know if it's relevant but repl_value is itself a computed column with the formula: (repl_value_e_g repl_value_aux) Is it possible to use the system functions in a computed column?If not, how would I pass those values into a udf and use it for the formula? So, this post is not about the latest turn in world of privacy legislation, it’s not about my deepening fascination with two-tiered segmentation, it’s not about the perplexing and depressing indefinite postponement of Demystified Days, and it’s not even about pondering when Team Evil Forces will have a web site. ” She knew she had done it before, but she couldn’t remember how.In the course of showing her, I realized that, therein, was one of those handy little tips worth sharing.CREATE TABLE dbo.[test] ( my Date DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT (GETDATE()), the Months INT NOT NULL DEFAULT ((0)), final Date AS (DATEADD(MONTH, the Months, my Date)) PERSISTED ) INSERT INTO dbo.[test] (my Date, the Months) VALUES('20130101', 5) SELECT * FROM dbo.[test] I run your query and it works fine, creates the table and column is calculated correctly.