Ellen g white on dating

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Ellen g white on dating

I might never had known Jesus Christ, had not the sorrow that clouded my early years led me to seek comfort in him." She felt that she might be dying, and believing she was about to die, the 9-year-old Ellen in simple faith confessed her sins.

Much of Ellen's youth was spent in the business pursuit of her father's hat making business.

In her later years, she referred to this as the happiest time of her life.

Her family's involvement with Millerism caused them to be disfellowshipped by the local Methodist church.

He settled in Kittery in the first decade of the 1700s and was probably from Taunton, Massachusetts.

His father was John Gould of Taunton and probably the one born in Hingham, Massachusetts Bay Colony, son of Jarvis Gould, a 1635 immigrant from England.

She describes herself as spending nights in tears and prayer, and being in this condition for several months.

On June 26, 1842, She was baptized by John Hobart in Casco Bay in Portland, Maine, and eagerly awaited Jesus to come again.During her final years she would travel less frequently as she concentrated upon writing her last works for the church.She died July 16, 1915, at her home in Elmshaven, which is now an Adventist Historical Site.Some of her other notable books include The Desire of Ages, and The Great Controversy.Ellen and her twin sister Elizabeth, were born November 26, 1827, to Robert and Eunice Harmon.See her ancestral chart At the age of nine, while running towards home with her sister Elizabeth and another friend, an older classmate shouted some angry words and threw a stone that hit Ellen on the face (The Early Years, page 28, Arthur L. White would later write of her conversion experience that happened a few years after the incident: "This misfortune, which for a time seemed so bitter and was so hard to bear, has proved to be a blessing in disguise.

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