Eiti sexi mirpur

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Eiti sexi mirpur

Kashmire banay ga khudmukhtar GOD BLESS Kashmire and every Patriot of KASHMIREhi dear kashmiri bros .........nice pics n credit going to admin of this site.......really superb work keep it up !!!

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sub sisters and brothers se guzarish hai k namaz aada kiya karo marny k bad kuch kam ni ay ga wahan sirf nik aamaal kam aain gy. my Email [email protected] my cell number 0092-3125589770 0092- 3445589770I m Saghir chaudary form chakswari Mirpur Azad Kashmir, I Proudy because i m Kashmir, I realy mis my city mis my country .recently i m living cell # 03452322297 i m realy mis my peoples ,my places ,my parents, my friends and my [email protected] XXXXXXXXXXXXX"Darbar Khari Shareef"is most important place in Mirpur, Auqaf department ajk recently completed its new complex. Thanks GOD BLESS KASHMIR AND MIRPUR , MAY WE LIVE TO SEE A FREE KASHMIR , EVERY BODY JOIN HANDS FOR THE GREAT CAUSE . I studied in Federal Goverment English School Mangla Kent until year 6, I remember there were two buses used to take pupils from Mirpur A. Than I studied in Mirpur Public School for further two years, after that I studied in Pilot Secondary School until my metric level. I just wish if I could switch back time clock and find my lost connections with such friends, I wish to see again..Most of these people settled in new Mirpur whilst some moved to Pakistan and the UK.My late beloved mother Lajya Devi, D/o of late Ram lal gupta was born in 1930 in Mirpur & did matriculation from Govt. Became refugee in 11th November 1947 during orgy of partition & settled in Jammu. We are grown listening to stories of old Mirpur with Chatee wali gali, Ragunath temple & shivalaya. Hi, Has anyone seen or been in Ritzz inn guest house in mirpur, suppose to be really nice.Your news and articles will be really helpfull for us.So kindly send us the news about pakistan ,kashmir and foriegners.ASSALAM O ALAIAKUM, everyone aspacially kashmiri mirpur is a pardases of earth name [ RAJA HAQNAWAZ JAANBAZ ] and am proud to belong from ,[ KALADAB, KOTLI ] i was student in mirpur GOVERMENT DEGREE COLLAGE,in 2000.i spent my three eyears in mirpur.golden memories of ther .i just wish if i could switch back time clock and find my lost connections with such friends ,i wish to see again .viewers if ther is any HEAVEN on earth that is only kashmir its our mother land and pried of my nation.kashmir like a dream land ,proud to be kashmiri ,thes pictures remid feeling about our loving kashmir.i miss my kashmir very much and love this place with a PASSION i really can,t explain how much.i miss kashmir i am a true EX-PATRIOT now due to fault of my own.i hope most of you should know who i am now and inshallah i will bee back soon to fulfil my desires of kashmir. I would really appreciate if u add its new pictures in ur website. LET US UNITE ON SINGLE AGENDA "THE LIBERATION OF KASHMIR" AND LET THE VOICE HEARD AGAIN AROUNF THE GLOBE LT COMMANDER ABDUL HALEEM QASIM C/3 MIRPUR . Further two years after passing metric exams in second division, I studied at Goverment Degree college until F. I am setteled in Manchester now and work as an officer for local authorities (OMBC OLDHAM).

Ao A i am fajar mirpur a.k .i am 18 website is too gud espacially banjosa mirpur is already best .i love mirpurr so so so much .

Allah pore azad kashmir ko hamesha shad o abaad rakhe Amien.

Hi there, I studied at Government Degree College, Mirpur from 1984 to 1988 and obtained FSc in 1986 and BSc 1988 (pre-medical).

I'd like to appreciate all those friends....(mentioned above) I also created a web page about** GPGCM** on '''**facebook**''', named: ---***** GOVT POST GRADUATE COLLEGE MIRPUR, AJ&K*****--- Convey your good opinions on **[email protected]/facebook.com** or ```**mobile # 0344 8805 786**``` Be wait............ [email protected] o alaikum We have started our new urdu newspaper on website about the foriegner kashmiris and Pakistani peoples issues has been launched.

AMlik Abdul Quddous Aslamo Alicum Nice work don by Hanif Bahi. It is satuated in District Plandri (sudhnuti) Hope you will add Nalian Pictures soon. Your news and articles will be really helpfull for us. whenever i remember my country i open this site and start to visit. EID MUBARAK TO ALL MUSLIMS AND MY BELIVED COUNTRY PAKISTANslam to ol i love kashmir cauz m kashmiri..m going to start an effort may be u guys be able to get it JUST ONE KASHMIR(JOK)....i have thought a lot about it i need ol kashmiries on one plateform saying v need just one kashmir...that v need some steps that wil hapen when v guys will start doing practically.

If any of my class mates or friends read this, then please email me at [email protected](please remove ‘x’ before and after the email address before sending) thanks and Allah Hafiz. i know this is cheeky but ive discovered this website first time so best way to get through to my own!! A, I AM GLAD TO SEE MY BEAUTIFUL MIRPUR, REALLY MISSING EXPECIALLY KASHMIR MODEL COLLEGE, SLAM AND LOVE TO EVERYONE WHO WERE THERE AND WHO STILL THERE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TO: NAEEM BAJWA TARIQ WHEREVER YOU ARE NOW I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU THAT I WAS ONLINE WAITING FOR YOU BUT YOUR COUNTRY HAS NO CURRENT ALWAYS AND I WAS ALWAYS ASLEEP IN MY COMPUTER WAITING ...

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