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31-Aug-2014 11:27 by 2 Comments

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An inbetween option would be to make a new animation starting function that would accept just accept actor array, animation array, and key/value setting string.

The alignment of some Animations is more Off, but sometimes only for 1 Stage.Add a bool use Foreplay option to the Start Sex() API call.Adding a new argument to Start Sex means every mod for Sex Lab will HAVE to be recompiled with the newest version in order to work.I'm leaning towards the latter; I'm not a fan of breaking something modders are already used to using and would prefer to maintain backwards compatibility.Hi Ashal, the facial expressions (I'm actually not sure if this is included in the update) don't work for custom races (I'm using ygnord), however the mouth opening part for certain animations linger even after animation switch.appreciate anybody willing to help test the beta version of Sex Lab and can provide feedback and/or suggestions related to the update.

I may not reply to your feedback or bug report, but I promise you I do read and consider it.

Just wondering if it would be possible to add stripping settings for item slot 50. It's not used very often but a piece of equipment I'm constantly wearing is assigned to that slot so if it is easy to do then it would be much appreciated.

How about a way for a mod to register it's own preferences as overrides to the user specified preferences (for selected preferences that you will allow to be overridden).

I tested on two vanilla npcs and the mouth does move during moaning, but I dont think they're time to it, also there is no expression on the face (only the mouth moves).

Otherwise, as far as I can tell everything works really well, no crashes or anything. I like the foreplay additional a lot and the undress animation is quite good as well.

Right now it's set to be up to the player and whether or not they have it enabled.