Drew barrymore and hugh grant dating

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Drew barrymore and hugh grant dating

And if the movie built from that, maybe we'd have a different story. The characters never make decisions on their own – something or someone else makes them feel a certain way or forces them into a course of action that decides what will happen next.And Bridget's reactions almost make it seem like somehow, over the course of the last 'six weeks', she's regressed to a girl in the schoolyard stomping her feet when her boyfriend does something she doesn't like. Why include one fat joke when 3 or 4 plus a butt shot can fit into the scene?

Same goes for Daniel– he's drawn to his Bridge for some inexplicable reason.

Oh look, matching Christmas jumpers – how cute.

Most of the funny in this movie comes from certain 'episodes' as opposed to the dialogue.

She's a perpetual victim in this one, though, and even though Renee is still cute as a button and incredibly endearing, some of Bridget's spark is gone. Couple realizes that they are each real, flawed people.

And the movie makes it seem like Mark is at that point – never tries to change Bridget, never gets angry and her constant mishaps amuse more than annoy.

She posted this on her wall today, I have edited it a bit for obvious reasons.

She's a very reliable source."This comes from the mouths of Capetonian production teams.It feels like the folks behind this film don't even LIKE the character – they just think it's real cool to humiliate her as often as possible.It doesn't even look like they bothered to send Renee to makeup or wardrobe – she (as Bridget) was pleasantly plump in the first film, but never dowdy.Why spend most of the movie dropping hints about a reveal when you can beat the audience over the head with it in one of the final scenes?Why have Daniel make one joke about stealing Mark's wife when he can drop another one 30 minutes later?Note to filmmakers: dirty has to actually BE funny to be funny.