Diana degarmo and ace young dating

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Diana degarmo and ace young dating - dating in murray kentucky

“We were the first Idols to do a Broadway show together, the first Idols to live together–and the first to write a country song for a soap opera together!

Cupid’s Advice: Though opposites may attract, they do not always stay together.The pair made sure that their special day will have lots of personal elements to it as well -- including their first song, which they co-wrote together eight months ago, appropriately-titled "I Do." "We wrote ' I Do,' and the first listen all the way through, we’re both looking at the monitor screen, sobbing," Young recalled to Us."Right when we’re done, we look at each other and Diana goes, ' I think this one is…' and I said, ' I know.' It was done." PHOTOS: Idol makeovers The pair, who also wrote their own vows for the ceremony, told Us of other little details they did to make their big day memorable -- custom-made suits for the groomsmen, white cowboy boots for the bridesmaids, and not one, but two five-tier cakes from The Butter End in Santa Monica, Calif. Vanilla and Aunt Edie's Banana Chocolate Chip.“We became best friends through Hair, ironically not through [American] Idol.It just blossomed into a beautiful relationship.” They soon realized their mutual attraction when they had to disrobe onstage for the Broadway show.They met as co-stars in the revival of the Broadway musical , ironically not through 'Idol.' It just blossomed into a beautiful relationship." The pair currently live together in Los Angeles, Calif. They've started a band, All Access, and plan to continue to make sweet music together. Garner played Sydney Bristow, a spy for the CIA on "Alias." Meanwhile, her real-life beau Michael Vartan played her on-screen beau Michael Vaughn, another double agent for the CIA.

Diana De Garmo, American Idol season three runner up and season seven contestant Ace Young are dating, but the pair didn’t meet on the Fox talent show, instead they met when they joined the cast of the Broadway revival of the musical “Hair” and apparently, that’s where they fell in love.

“She came to California and kept saying, ‘I’m looking [at] apartments.’ And I was like, ‘Why don’t you just stay with me? De Garmo currently plays the daughter of a New Jersey Mobster boss on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.

’ The moment she got here, she realized I wasn’t going to let her get an apartment. She is also set to appear in the upcoming film The First Ride of Wyatt Earp, which stars Val Kilmer and is scheduled for release on March 30, 2012.

As for the bride, De Garmo wore blue cowboy boots and a diamond-white Sareh Nouri designed dress.

Details and attire aside, De Garmo and Young gushed to Us about the love they share for each other -- and why their love is forever.

Young, 31, and De Garmo, 24, join the long list of celebrity couples that met on set, but it wasn't the singing competition that brought these two together.

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