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[Verse 1: Sims] There goes Johnny sweeping the leg There goes Jake cuffing the hands There are things that I’ll never understand They’re just looking for a buyer Easy meat, cheap prey supplier Situation looking dire Shot back at the devil I was heavy under fire It’s okay I’m reloaded They can’t rap along but goddamn, they quote it God damn it’s frozen My heart is Minnesota This boulder If you didn’t notice Something inside of me is slowly exploding I feel like Kobe on the sideline Sidewinder missile I am cyanide Inert for the last time land mine I am out of my Goddamn skull Pedal to the floor board I am all pulse I don’t play fault I just dust off walk over them coals Iron out later I ain’t waiting on an elevator Each mark is a caption Each line on my face shows exactly what happened [Hook: Dessa/Sims] [Dessa:] You’ll know what you need when it slips by But I’m not looking back for the rest of my [Sims:] Get up like I never fucking got up before And I get it like I never fucking got it before [Dessa:] You’ll see how dark once they hit the light Know what I’ve made from the marks on my hands [Sims:] Get up like I never fucking got up before And I get it like I never fucking got it before [Verse 2: Dessa] Simon says Miranda’s right But William tells it different Says Gideon brought a rifle Was looking for a fight The Housewives of Gomorrah all boarded up from here to the border Sordid falling on our own swords or standing still Heartbreak hill I’ma make a fortune in small bills to show that I can give it back in my will Like the back of my hands I know hard work My back my hands Yeah both still hurt Like a catamaran two skins One for the water one for the wind Like a battering ram, I get it in lemme at it again and when the juniper blooms we get a river of gin [Verse 3: P.

Known for welding hip-hop with guitar squalls, screamed vocals, and futuristic beats fit for a Berlin nightclub, P. S steps even further into genre-blurring territory with “sleepdrone/superposition,” a nearly nine-minute-long sprawling masterpiece that touches on “being black, beefs, loves, hurts, victories, pride and the future” all while reflecting over the past two years since a kidney surgery sidelined him from making music. Which is a solid female emcee with rhymes and a delivery style to rival her male peers, whilst also adding in some catchy melodic singing parts and is short enough to leave them wanting more.The EP also shows that Dessa certainly has a lot of talent and suggests that a future full length release will definitely be worth hearing. Tried to find some lyric examples to talk about but couldn't so there.[Bridge: Dessa] Take the skins Hang em on the walls Not trophies, just reminders What is left here when we fall [Verse 2: Stef (P. This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).She is part of the hip-hop collective Doomtree, which also features P. This includes switching between rapid fire, multiple-syllable rapping (Mineshaft) to melodic singing (Kites),both of which are performed solidly and with enough emotion and conviction to compel the listener. The beats are primarily drum based and occasionally feature samples, although the backing is overall subdued with the main focus being on the vocal performances. Whilst this is nothing revolutionary it works well with Dessa’s delivery style and gives the tracks an interesting mood angle and despite the downcast approach to the lyrics there are still vocal and musical hooks to be found, keeping the songs interesting and re-listenable.

False Hopes is Dessa’s first individual release after guesting on a number of tracks on previous Doomtree albums.The player is given the option of choosing Senpai's gender at the beginning of the game; they might be "Senpai-kun", or they might be "Senpai-chan".If Senpai is a male, his name is Taro Yamada, and if she is a female, her name is Taeko Yamada.Here's where you can meet singles in Odessa, Texas.Our Ector County singles are in the 432 area code, and might live in these or other zip codes: 79766, 79760, 79763, 79769, 79768, 79761, 79764, or 79762 personals.Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.