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■'-:' ■'■.^' ' ■:■ erio larf :■oe:^otq; XX'svy .,'ic . The correct ver-) si on appears on Pages 8 and 9 of "^Ifer Songs" under the title) "Babylon is Jiallen"! ' leafii^LO grrr 3 saw otsri T ae-- ^ -'-: ^lerol JO X'^n&R am: eat-sn a 'is vol i^.'' oi- 3JBV/ erls ©0'id- '^"ssv MA Xis erfu 110 i SBW eri" s X ■"'"' rf^Si. 31/lbther was today speaking of an en- (tertaininent at the old "Turner" Schoolhouse in December,. eioleg j-fia I b&d r;;x qx/ c8 81 m THEE'S SCHGS LET HIM GO, LET HIM STAY (lifctlier learned this of Annie '-(who later tecairjs Anes)- (Staples's wife)- v/hen she worked for- her a couple Vireeks v/hen) (Bert was "born in 1873. She was the eldest child of Alta and Caroline (Crockett) Stiles See Page 17 of Crockett Pamilj'- li Totes and was "born in Lowell, Mass., in 1854 or 5. noacf aafvarf xiiacf&i Jbfi B ■^fiacn: t Xaa-^ bn& ^arf^fett ^tafi^oll 0^ sfri#-s Xei v Xgnl.rtgyal rri sbw a aa aofiait^qxa ■"Clfio ijfi« Jatlt a Xfi ,8Mi to a^nahtoni gniajjirfs erf* nt i^n^niri Bvnt OO. sjj «io Xiia8 ^^:x5h«ui^' to ^ntit Qve ari* Jneqa ieurf*«f? J"©xjrpnsa ^•M»q onta i-yocfu ^0 rfd-asl) airf gniijaoetq ,7XSX ,12 Aiimrna" erf tarf* j^ac^ae'sa;^oa snliit ODacf ,6n SS arf* no -{{aald ^'issnata)- to •xt/od X«i;aijn«,ffiirf a^t Srf* ad 0* anioo i»fi H[ tarfw Xl*rtu qy i&a J6«t96*xo a,e«r exf ami* .tailt sri* ,wori fja Xl Boet a" Ijloa Xo'o nad- * Vf Tjb Brf ©rf ,i H'SO*a » ai Xlaa nds torfa q Xarf oi ^nli'^'^.li: 9rf,t o*k1 ,xj©m ©rf* to ij-so'x ©ri* o Satf arf a-sotaa' aaail-asoio gxlo 0^ qw iie.t^os THE CROC KBTT mia XT -—•Who had already been aloft and taken In the sail— '-coming down; how he Inprored a little each day for a ehort time on tilt getting tired of being "guyed" by his fellows, he made up hie ndnd he would either hold up hie end or break his neck— -and that no man ever beat him Into the rigging afterward; how, in his efforts to reef a bellying sail during a howling stona* hs incautiously eliaibed from the foot-rope on to the yard and how, when a lurch of the ship sent him flying headlong from his perch, his c OBpanion -("Wood" lyier's husky and two- hundred- pound younger brother Andrew, who was bom and reared on the "Jim" Brown place in the George Settleeoent where Albert Larrabee now Utos)- having no fancy for being left to finish the work alone, shot forth a siuscular axnn and retrieved him from mid-air, firmly and energetlc411y grasping that portion Of his trousers which at one and the same time presented the greatest expanse and afforded the most "slack" for the purposes how, being un- able to sleep "below" in the stuffy confines of the "fo*cas»le", he could hai-dly keep from doing so when on deck in the open air —with the result that he often used to go to sleep while doizc his "trick at the wheel" and the consequent Jerk of the old- fashioned steering-gear with which the "Bvelj Ti" was equipped when he allowed the vessel to ease off her course had frequently thrown him clean over it ; how, when Captain Hichbom asked if he were going with him on the next trip and he said he was not, the Captain urged him to change his mind and offered him the highest wages then paid to Able Seamen; and how, knowing when be had enough, when the voyage ended at Boston he hastened to board a steamer of the (then) Sanford Steamship Line for Sears- port, Home, and Motherl 8nii:too--«IIiia adi at nsafja^ brm i'tol& aa&d ^bsei Xa bed oriw--- t Xli^xiy ami* itod B B tet ^:flft Hose eliill b Bevo'xqai oci woii atrob nisi qju slxfira su S ,8Ws XIe*3: e JLrf 'liof "Ije^i/^" gn-fcad to bett^ Srtit^fss &ff B---: H[oeff a iff ifsettf to ins s M qw bloii t8ri.-ti9 Muow ©rf inlrn ffl TJO^a anilvroff A srtl'tir Jb XJtaa ^nlyl Xecf a lost o* a;rio't!

the landlady and beckoning he did call Oh, there's twenty shillings of the old and thirty of the new And Jack he pulled out his two hands full of gold 5 The sight of the money made the old lady rue ' She said, my daughter Polly shall quickly come to you You thought I was in earnest, I declare I was in jest Por of all the roving sailor boys, my Johnny I love test 6 Before I'd stay within your house I'd stay out in the street Por when I had no money my lodgings I might seek But now I have got mo^ey I will make the taverns whirl With a bottle of good brandy and on my knee a girl 5-1/2 In came Polly with a smile on her face She kissed him and gave him a hearty embrace Saying:- The beet room is enipty and you shall sit with me And I will marry you. nl naecf Jaarf sni Atw X .t:^ ,-':;h Xs -fx Tpcs jbai lo-v:©;' 8JS nils* lnoo©a axrf ta^'i A .aaaniaxfcf ■^ifisqi Mo O ni£^T? Y fea^elooaaa araaoecf O-i I bo bn^ l^enwo won ai d-I I'xe"xua B©*r T a*i a 3 aono T^al lo »rf* aavr -serf^fll saa'fw ,'^^©Xna*'." . A 10 *firf* fins 8e SX 'to na^o &ni r C,; t»- •serf Jbarsuraaa eria i Bex rfoiriw ta 'lao Eusuqa S ai ,e?

Although he had been bom on the western side of Cape Jellison his father* while he was yet a boy, had bought and moved to the place which (after he had inherited it) ym. ae Xri^d-^ .n T£d;fo T, ar TT* xjsitjari 3^«f si^o X -(XXo^l Dd-fi.'^ \:;s*Xri:a. M.s X Ij Ibs "^o I: fifi Ji Xa T -('a^^^e")- 3 ' 'is rliag tta saj TCirt fe i Xi L'd B^lq^i2 ztmi^'o Xr (m) ^Mi- atxt I srii-xolrrl tix Xas Cjif -/xae H 1e;^.^X)- sgnx&Xiuu ri-sa Xo G a^ias-') nxjsiqis C) actd- c^texi^T '■rto :fi3 sqll Xif H ■'•jd v;oa xo (a-v Xii?? lather had been driving the roads of Waldo County for sixty- odd years interesting and could tell many^^ stories regarding themi Like Life in general, the fare of the period referred to was "not all beer and skittles"! Xboo X 9dither say that as a hoy he mde a vow that if he ever ssarried and had a home of his own he was going to have all the oake» pie and pre- serves he wantedl Tor olothoe the ordinary wan did not go to a tailor — they were specizoens of the genus homo whioh laight have heen set down as heing "scattering" if not even "skurce"9^I Instead, the wool vas transferred from the hacks of the sheep in Ms pastures to and hand- loom his own, the carding- nd 11, xni spinning-wheel j of the old-fasfa- ioned Few England housewife serving as the means of transforfi»ved here to "The Pinnacle"!

Uncle Helson never went to sea again "but 'becanie a fanner and ship- csr pen ter. (^^sisl Xei nl fi XXen U) ^09X *BX .s^.'A ,*rau-:fo T^ XX IF fefet-fsrs ©xfe -rnoifk XJrxi:© C'«if:? T«rr ©ff .farf* irftsab a Jtff lo 0111* arfi X '5:w emorf s M m» s M* dar C^ ; •to;? ncre so then) very much "across country* by means of wood-roads and open spaces, one of the last of which was the frozen surface of Kane's Pond, at a time when anything like direct public roads did not ezisti In those days, a boy was lucky to have a pair of heavy cow-hide boots in win- ter- — and their warmth- pre serving qualities were not great, lather said that when he felt his feet freezing he would gather birch-bark from a convenient tree, start a fire, pull off his boots, toast his shins, and then start en again — only to re- peat the process as soon as it again became neceseery!

After I had gotten well started on the task of copying the songs which Bertha had taken dovm from Slather's and Mother's dictation while she was here in the J^ll of 1914 I realized that they might "better have "been called "Father's and Mother's Songs" And later I added a miscella- neous lot which do not much care who sings themi I "began with the Intention of arranging the songs in Ipochs hut the recallitg of additional ones from time to time soon upset this ideal He-v^ ertheless, the first twenty- seven of them were sung "by father's father and grandfather hefore him and the same is true of varl- ous others scattered through the liatl It will "be noted that many of them recount happenings in the early days of the "Repulj- lie, whdle a considerable number date hack to the Colonial pe- riod and some were undoubtedly brought from England and Scot- land — the "Sinking of the 'Royal George'" for instance— -which reminds me to say that as I knew the names of but few of the authors I have not attempted to give them! ) s'lriii S no Jbit Bl I -re'e 11 ^r^ja X Il JSrfasli X sliriw XXsrl) XI'I 24 FATHER'S SOIGS LOKD LOVEIX (This was Kiuch sung "by Grandmothers Crockett and Kneeland)- 1 Lord Lovell, he stood at his castle gate Combing his M Ik- white steed When up carne Lady Nancy Belle To wish her lover God- speed To v-dsh her lover God- speed Where are you going. Y«G er{;t ^o sito no nos Jby H erfrf- qjj qxii snitf S l&&t Qdi ,a«X*a«o er Ci lot ^qeoxe ,;^flf£:? i "i Xai JOiv Qiq 33^0 aw vrel « XQBiftv«i^ b M erfa lio Mw •terf i07t« Y, I^'i Oft'?

I LOOKIU ATTDLISTEUm This mess vms started as a cocrpilatlon of lather's Songe— ^ And look where it ended! - g.v:i:ntj Origin Ma Y,&b d&od d^s^t'c bn B .y- ©•ion? rrsvsf srfd- su Jil e-ssw a^Ioo X "xu 0^ vrr ^rr-:; 1 C-Tis eaorft K-t-^JI' e'=»*jg;? /f \ vyo IT: '..' ^li &f..f YC-; •:\'-,ni Itsjsls oij'A 3 IBS J- er" -vol a M noqu bn.k -; \"^'Tf e'l S jj D'^ IX a j- Muow I \;':£od-8 s sv'I *v^.- . Irto as'sr s'lerft , Q*j9.t3i:a on sv'I (aterf J-OTcr on ev'X Bt BO s'lerft Bl: J3 f{:r i,'; ftrts "tgrf^tota s as isrf i)Svo I -s-- ' -(ts I t3'i©rfv^-oid • 'i' oa 9g£,:! ,.iotajaooo a M;f no 9ffpi/cf-U'i' tol j&rt.i3 s-xs Ti Bei-^ji Bttt J.

IIOXHJOD) -(X*ii S grjj JOY s cf©'^ ajsw s©Iic)-S ex IXa U ^Li A^ "fte^ioqmi" noec T) \ •'" ' - '■' , YB'j© rf B-^Ba :''^- ' "- -■•^-- - -: - ', ' X 85 MTHER'S SOIJr GS HEAVEH Oim HOIE -{See note on preceding page)- 1 Autumn's pale leaves, vd.thered and dying Bloom of the lily that lasts tut a day Misj? Matthews I After Uncle Nelson and Axmt Lucy were married (in spite of the disappointment of Daniel Ames) they lived for a time in one part of Grandfather Crockett's house on the old Crockett farm. the earth, composed a nourishing if not particularly epicurean means sustenance I Because pastry and other light foods were p. principally Hot only were farming and lusitering operations ^ conducted with the help of oxen rather than horses but machinery as a method of perforxaing farm work was unknown— --It was done by "main strength and stupidnese" in which bone and sinew were the principal factors if not the all- impelling force!

B later sold by Uncle Helson to Philip Holmes — the one be- tween Pred Ellis* 8 and Ivory George *8, the latter being the forsjer home of Aunt ISury Bretherick- Matthews- Gray while she was 5i»8. "Indian bannock" (fresh-baked com meal and salt mixed up with scalding water) and coarse bread containing all the wheat/, made from Buudbcxadbc Bli com and l Aieat of their own raising and ground at the local grist-millfl, together with salt herring, mackerel, and other fish, and beeves and hogs of their own killizig, supplemented by the fruits and vegetables of their own farms and sundry casks of sugar »mela8- ses, honey, tamarinds, eto«» brought home from sea at a time when American seamen penetrated to the uttermost parts of. 3fil X©fi i& ©^licj 'i O'^X sri* M« er "iosftajstf rt JBl Jbrij: " I^s^XJc^Ia S fens loed r. Socks, mittens, eto«, were products of the flashing knittin^needles which were never farj^ distant from the housewife's elbow and most heads of families were sufficiently good cohhlers to tap their own and the fam- ily's shoes— -if they wore not capable of makinp them in the heginningi lather told me dtxring the llall just past that Thomas Cohb, who forzoerly owned and lived on the Oliver Ihit- ccidb place now occupied hy Elden Smart, used to go around to different houses each Tttll and makes hoots and shoes for the various members of the families--- that he remembered him being at his fatherlbs on sundry occasions! V»Y'GE TO SPOUT HILL --248-293 Hiam Y TREVETT CROCKETT— A BAD ACTOR- --294- 307 OUR VISIT TO WIS, TREVETT -^^308-320 THE PORTLAND SUIDAY TELEGRAM ARTICLE— 32 Ir- 340 EXTRACTS FROM THE FIRST CENSUS- — 341-352 PORTER DISTRICT HISTORICAL NOTES 353-373 MISCELIAl SOns '--' ^ — ---374-383 S5i-.r - - — so KOS 8'Emfrm gwa B'^sar A^r 9Si~l-SI--- --BH2£0! Generally speaking, I have omitted those patriotic and other aire the words of which may readily be found in "Heart Songs" and else- where But I am led to remark of the short sketch regarding the origin of "Yankee Boodle" as given on Page 124 that the air didn't seem so funny to the British under Cornwallis when, on October 19th, 1781, they marched past General Washington and 11 iiars Li tii TA, in^Toqj inqip Tg; 'n-oi'.*- rrv VOjb nes Tsi h&i sri^'s^c L '? Ttsrf^ sjinia Qrfw et^o rloufr Jon ob liohi'-^ iol ssjo^n -«7eil l.eef)? M .ts3C[i' rt003 emtf oi 9snx& ao-sl 3oao lenoltifcfi B to a''S3ilj S'.. t^f W s\; BJb aisol nevfs msan i' on II .tv; I uox ot ttis^f ic'i'sofi r(.t J:w jiola eiew we^jo art* Xlis ; jjc ' ' rt&iq BO M&'d 13 EATHEE 'S Spi Jf GS POLLY 1 i John has come from Ireland, Johnny* s come from sea He "brought his ship and cargo across the raging sea But you* re welcome home, my Johnny, 3rou're welcome home from s£Et, For last night my daughter Polly lay dreaming of thee 2 What luck? 0, very poor, said he We lost our ship and cargo all on the raging sea But call down your daughter Polly and sit her down "by me And we* 11 drown this melancholy and liappy we will "be 3 ^ daughter she is absent and she is gone away And were she at home. Lord Lovell, she said Oh, when will you come "back, said she In a year or two, or three at the most I'll return to my fair ITancy I'll return to my fair ISTancy But he had not heen gone a year and a day Strange countries for to see When languishing thoughts came into his head Ladj^ Fancy Belle he would go see — Lady Hancy Belle he would go see So he rode and he rode on his milk-white steed Till he came to London town And there he heard Saint Pancras' "bells And the people all mourning 'round And the people all mouiming 'round .f.'' n Oi^'r O? I have not at- ) (tempted to write them in the Scotch dialect* ) (Only the last two verses were written by Robert Burns. no JIis O) Mirlo litiri* a^n Aii&l 'i Qii- ; Jb cito J &£t. To "THE WHDU DAMM TAMHY* GOHTEKTB Page GEUETRAL l EDEX 385-90 l EDEX to/ SOSGS 391-93 STOP!! T-vi m TEER»S ATO MOTEER»S SOHGS 1-133 MOTHER'S PCEKS-- - — 134-139 THE CEOCKETT FAJJILY ^-140-232 THE HEAGAS FAMILY---- -233-24-7 M? Most of the nota- tions referring to the different song© represent information given me by Mother at the time of transcription! o IXo1: erf ®*Hn euid- ct-alirrff' -sairiorl O" — -•- sfexfd- £k M d"qe:5s. Lord Lovell, she said Oh, where are you going, said she I'm going, my Lady ITancy Belle Strange cotin tries for to see Strange countries for to see When will you "be "back. , ^, "Aov 'tje T-s I t Qji frays' o T 335 od- 'iol aeiidrujoo egns Ti S T, J - .- - *t.::/it ^yij- o.j- n-: 93 od' T:a".'* i)B9rf: aifl o^rri au TBo a.l'"' ' e 5© sit a a^M^z-s IXl Tr slri no eisoi srl' Jbrifi •.• i o8 iiifri JOT:' £A 01 26 FATHER'S SONGS JOim AKDEESOir, MY JO (The following verses do not altogether agree with those giv-) (en in the books tut they are as lather sings them and, I ) (think, as his father sang them before hdm. Isq N^Jo J-O'xq xiso E'ssica A a^fi no ^idi QC -nii'? Jack, and you are very poor And without this companion you're turned out of door 4 Jack looked up-He looked on them all Be looked on. Bin 9;{s aisrfv/ Xajxqsori anifla erf* ni cfnei*sq s oaoo Q'i 0 moil s Xcfj JO-i;." rlo B-n Ow S ^di *i Ol aiiaic^ii'ieqo ow;^ ; Ja9w'ioirt. q^a Xa brt Mdauri 'x&rf Jbna arfa rf^fo';-- i& -^.t^iom^O syvs XXsn: 0^ noi8fl«;tx S &di al b^btvotq^ bad -'ioxfii' Qiii 9^ noi Joa Xs a M 0^ tat'fl •%(i M .©onsfwal noxsivoi'^ Jbrija it Jsa L- srf? 3H7 jbft JB T 03:® 8M j5f P,50^ JHT^^WIj Iff AO^ jm^Qg IA0Ig QT3r H All Bights "Reserved, 1917 By Prank E. agftos arf* srri'vqoo "5:0 nt;'': * ^^bftrj I le Ja X bn'- "■azr.o P. ""ii sft JJS e*it»w itrerii- "to nsvos-vo Tiew* : Jn*3:f'5: cr'.t ,ss9Xer-Br X edi ilaj JOiri.t ^9'i3:f:tsos sier'Sf' xio © . Jack, she would not let you stay IPor she is very rich. ) ' 1 Jolin Anderso^, my jo, John When Fature first began To try her canny hand, John Her master- work was man And you among them all, John So trig from top to toe She did no journey work with you John Anderson, my jo 2 John Anderson, my jo, John You were my first conceit I think no shame to say, John I loved you ear* and late They say you're getting old, John But e'en though that be so You're aye the same good man to me John Anderson, my jo 3 John Anderson, my jo, John When we were first acquaint Your locks were like the raven Your bonny brow was brent' But now your brow is bald, John Your locks are like the snow But blessings on your frosty pow John Anderson, my jo 4 John Anderson, my jo, John We've climbed the hill together And many a canty day, John We've had with one another Ifow we must totter down, John But hand in hand we • 11 go And sleep together at the foot John Anderson, ray jo 9i Bl L ' ^ L 1 nrrc T, t Mo --:• ,. (len A9o-io"i a&w IXs Q'je^l an-Um/Ti •e'tl ,£Xex f Xir^,* ni . X , S ^aw^A no eupuc Ty CT ni i)&va E»i ndotf JBat^ aif-a srf rfolrfw 4-o X arit ni. 3bud ,t9e-A~-3 erf* if- •■'■ C[ vsi^G ; -Uicr'^Oii O L-3Jb' XI li'! Bq ^jx'tt no Bfon srtr^XI: ases'xcf aid no ^ntoai &d^ to ta M xf HX'sedo fr" ■'•-■-:■ lis ,''^swi3 sisiass'I rjjo nsvseli iscnoxf two nsv^io) _,v. tarf^jsl: a'naa [email protected] 9Xo«r ^aijcjsj- (rai^l s M •sad" l&&& liiofi;* ,a S'8X ,-ii J&. His father died on Octo- ber 7, 1860, and he and Uncle Milton were left as their inaugural performance as the working heads of the family the digging of several hundred bushels of potatoes still in the ground. J39vl X*;^i J ©f C" a A fiasi Xoi^w^B neec T aarf Jaf Ctr I0 Isoi Mo aif* fefia a XXJSa a XXlv/iisw? *s Xoorfo S rfgll T a XXivnav^ &tii &vd eo.8Xq[ fj B^aa K nrfo T^ aii* atortl: a Jb OTt wsl a tucf saw xloirfw "x-tso JEmso A" -a^o O ft-j fefj^Jb far 10 S3i»**ta«T 0* a M lot •Xrflaaoqpni TXeti/Iaacf* *t eb^rj 6ar^ erf^ ctt aiei Jb Xoa eiii* 0* •yimr a*l finwol rfo Lffw ©t«l x:'s«*i Xim x^Terti Aj »ii* to 705 ©s^*? -: .a Jbnxtt xxwo alri rf^tw 198 THg CROCKBTT MKILT Hurion 8taplea» •xplalning ttet he would repay him as soon as he reoelred the next instalment of his pay as a soldierl The lean had heen refused irith the reisark:- "Hell! " And It was still refused when : Fiather offered to give him a letter to his mother asking her to pay It if he di , d die — from which it would appear that the "Comradeship* Of some Of the "Boys in Blue" did not amount to muchi ^ther used to tell another Incident of his hospital expe- rience in which a soldier {fill) who was afflicted with fits and so crippled with rheumatism that he had to use crutches, upon "being discharged from the service for disahility and taken to the transport which was to hring him North by leather and the axi A physician who had cared for him, finding himself on what he considered to he the safe refxige afforded by the deck of a homeward hound transport, threw his crutches overheard as the ship swung out into the streami and with a cheery "Good-hye, Doctor!

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