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Debbie the online dating real - top ten rules for dating my daughter

If you take a liking to any of these pics just click on each to access it in its biggest format or explore the other million illustrations to discover your own hidden gems! 118 years since this was published and yet on most days you’ll still find a Scotsman wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes somewhere along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile or Princes Street. Blogging at gone midnight after a long journey back to Edinburgh from Groningen in the Netherlands.

In my head, I picture where I grew up in the Chiltern Hills, and Yorkshire, and then my mind becomes blank because I have deleted all knowledge of living in Birmingham.See you soon, Debbie x Well, let’s not have every rare blogpost open with a ‘sorry I’ve not been here for ages’, because whilst I am sorry that I’ve neglected writing stuff here and reading all the excellent blogs that I like to read, the endless cycle of time off - less exciting apology catch-up post does not sound like fun!Although hopefully more regular posting will resume shortly. And doing a bunch of other stuff because it’s been well over a month.I don’t think they’d have approved the term ‘bottom tobogganing’ for starters. But here’s what I’ve been doing instead this month, and I don’t even feel guilty about it: So, it’s the first of March and I don’t have list 1 of my 30 Lists finished.Earlier this month I was waxing on about being all committed to the upcoming 30 Days of Lists and my Working List of craft projects and my reading 13 Books in 2013 and my training for a 5K and making my bedroom my own and increasing the quality and quantity of blog posts. Clash of Kings is sitting half-read and neglected on my bedside table, there’s still an unpacked box hiding behind my room divider, and the one item I’ve finished off my Working List has already fallen apart twice before I’ve even had time to post photos of it here.And I’m off to a hen do this weekend, so don’t expect things to be changing round here too soon!

Bear with me, blog-readers; when I am back here properly like I want to be, at least I’ll have some cool stories to share. Debbie x I’d like to put it out there that in general I have decent taste in TV shows.I enjoy funny shows featuring quirky women like New Girl, Cougar Town and Miranda.I watch decent crime shows, gritty British dramas and clever Danish thrillers. I don’t know what it is that gets me hooked on these shows.She was called Drunk Laura the entire time we were friends and neighbours, partly to differentiate between her and her flatmate Christian Laura, but during our student years we often thought we should have named her Accident-Prone Laura instead, as she was rarely out of plaster.One time when we were about 20 I persuaded Laura that the flat we were about to go to didn’t have a front door, so we had to access their party through someone’s bedroom window.But, still, we climbed to the top, we took dramatic jumping photos that were never quite timed perfectly, we flirted with some other mountain climbers, and then we discovered that on the other side of the mountain top (and in the direction of home) there was even more snow.

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