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Despite all that, I kept an open mind when I saw Jay Caspian Kang's article in cultural analysis, and hold Kang in even higher esteem.

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The pretense of objectivity is stripped away: Koenig emerges as the subject as the show’s drama revolves not so much around the crime, but rather, her obsessions with it."To my ear, the show's drama is only tangentially related to Koenig's obsessions.

What's remarkable about the diary, and what makes it so helpful, is that it's essentially a chronicle of the Adnan-era of Hae's life.

The first entry is April 1, 1998, right when they started going out.

Even apart from that, it isn't clear that the format matters in the way Kang asserts.

Plenty of books and magazine features dispense with any pretense of objectivity.

In doing so, I've found much of his writing on race in America to offer uncommon nuance and insight., the victim, Hae, is a Korean-American daughter of immigrants, while the man convicted of killing her, Adnan, is the son of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan.

"Sarah Koenig, the journalist telling their story, is white," Kang writes. If Serial were a newspaper story or even a traditional magazine feature, the identities of all three could exist alone as facts; the reader could decide how much weight to place upon them.What he characterizes as the more objectionable example occurred in Episode 2. Can you guess what part he regards as a white reporter going into an immigrant community and getting things wrong?Here's what Koenig narrates: The other information I have to go on are Hae's own words about their relationship, because I have a copy of her diary. It was read by many people: cops, prosecutors, even Adnan.And Koenig "stomps around in a cold case involving people from two distinctly separate immigrant communities," Kang writes, arguing that "especially for people of color," she is "talking about our communities, and, in large part, getting it wrong." He sees her mistakes as characteristic of "well-intentioned white people" who retain a bankrupt understanding of other cultures despite their best efforts.To illustrate this, he offers readers two examples from .In fact, the show's reporting caused the Maryland Innocent Project to launch its own probe of the case.

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