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Like, your car didn’t break down because Mercury is in retrograde, your car broke down because you didn’t get it inspected before your road trip.

However, the fast-growing spiritual trend eventually led me to realize that if I refused to hang out with anyone who talked about astrology, I would be a very lonely person.The raised awareness is great, but it’s a fine line, because as these things become more popular, there’s a commodification that comes along with it, and superficiality, too. The basis of a lot of these spiritual practices is letting go of your ego, but as it gets more trendy it actually heightens your ego.I’ve definitely been in circles where people are competitive—like ‘I'm more spiritual than you’ vibes—and that defeats the essence of what it’s all about.”Of course, I have many friends who have different belief systems than my own: live and let live.We do these things because they mean something to the people we love. let’s have another drink,’ is easy, but it’s getting old.Also, both Natalia and Alexandra appear to be in happy, healthy relationships, while my relationships are always constant, stressful struggles, so I’m open to the idea that I don’t have all the answers, and might do well to incorporate a therapeutic element into my romantic life. Couples now are opening up to meeting at juice bars, or going to workshops.And this acceptance is now something we have to navigate in our dating and sex lives, too.

Do we resign ourselves to being romantically incompatible with New Agers, and therefore eliminate a large portion of our peers as potential lovers?

My problem, though, is when people use their spiritual beliefs as a crutch.

It’s like religion—the idea of a higher power being in control is attractive, because it means you don’t have to be responsible for your own life.

I didn’t know much about her, but she was pretty and seemed nice enough, until out of the corner of my eye I saw her swatting at the air above my head. Don’t worry, it’s gone now.” I stared at her, hoping to find some sarcasm in her expression. At that moment, I knew we had no hope for a meet so-and-so’s shaman.

She answered, “No, there was just some dark energy hanging around you.

Yet strangely, it wasn’t until I started spending time with Alexandra and Natalia that I realized I’d never considered the flip side of the equation: that either of them might not want to date someone like Alexandra told me, “The question I always wonder is: When are you supposed to tell people?

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