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There are a huge number of genuine people on the internet but also a lot who aren't." One guy goes so far as to warn women to "watch out for predatory males.

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Many of them didn't need much convincing - there is a lot of anger out there over a television documentary on the subject a while back. I had very entertaining chats with some very cool men and women.Thirty-year-old Jack had tried Table for Six before but disliked being stuck at a dinner table with five strangers."The advantage of going online is that you get to chat first and get some idea of the person." Rachel puts it plainly: "It makes it easier to weed out the weirdos.In 2012 I graduated with a nursing degree at aged 50 and am now a real nurse working in a medical ward and other than the anti social nature of shift work, am loving the nursing. I love to travel and visit new places...i like I live by the sea and love to surf.I love watching my children growing into beautiful interested young adults Recently returned to New Zealand after living abroad for the past 10 years...looking to meet new people. My son is almost 2 years old and he is my toanga (treasure).I´m on this site cause i´m looking for my soul mate, kinda sounds cliche but i´m hoping that I will meet her on here. I'm originally from England and have been in Auckland for 6 years now and loving it.

I live with an adorable, loving friend called Suzie (she's a labrador cross).The other was a torrid tale of broken hearts, bitterness and the usual pain and rancour that engulf all when it goes wrong."SB", 26, summed it up: "If you are a positive, realistic person, this is a fun way of meeting people.SHELLEY HOWELLS braves the netherworld of internet dating and finds many well-adjusted enthusiasts as well as a few weirdos. Few words so rapidly conjure images of sad, desperate geeks/weirdos/social cripples.We've seen the TV documentaries featuring assorted oddballs telling their tales of woe or joy, we've been told again and again how dangerous it is out there, and so many of us have shunted net dating into the "too weird" basket. January web stats from Hitwise show that the top two local sites, NZ Dating and Findsomeone were 3rd and 9th respectively in a ranking of Kiwi sites' market share, with both having gained popularity since the month before."Now," she says, "he knows I'll find out if he does anything else." Paulo, in his early 40s and studying for a masters degree, says he joined a dating site "because I'm not a good approacher of women in bars or clubs".

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