Dating site for children

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Dating site for children

If I had a dollar for every time I swiped through pictures of other people’s kids, I would’ve paid off my car by now. The same goes for men and women who put pictures up of their wedding day, but let’s focus on the kids here.

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In fact, 1 in 4 users already have children - resulting in many parents looking for love on our site.Irish family stereotypes normally revolve around the idea of the bigger the better but, in fact, many Irish households don't live up to this model.Indeed, the 2011 Census showed that over half-a-million people in Ireland live in one-parent families, meaning that almost 20% of Irish children live with a single parent.a date, let alone a compatible one!I wouldn’t be too happy if one of my parents had posted pictures of me on a dating site when I was younger.At the very least I would have appreciated having my face blurred or cropped out.At the risk of sounding completely paranoid and crazy, isn’t posting pictures of your kids on dating sites a little naive at best? While I understand that there are plenty of single people on dating sites who run for the hills at the mere mention of the words ‘I have kids’ and that it makes sense to be straight up about it from the get-go, do we really need to resort to showcasing images of our children for anyone to see?

Dating as a single parent can be tough, and single parents need to accept that some people simply don’t want to date someone with kids, but in that case, you shouldn’t want to date them either.Should you wish to report a comment for editorial review, please do so by clicking the 'Report Comment' button to the right of each comment. Your spouse should come before your kids Readers react to parents who left sleeping baby in a hotel room 2017 school holidays in South Africa calendar printable Dear Air Bn B host... Elite Singles is a site where all kinds of Irish singles meet their long-term match.You'll arrange a date with a woman you’ve met at the school gates - only to find out you have nothing in common but the kids.You'll meet a wonderful man at work - but then discover he never wants children. Happily, there is another way for single parents in Ireland to find a long-term partner: using a dating website.Whilst you might not think that any harm can come from posting photos of your children on Tinder and other online Dating sites, investigations have concluded that pedophiles target kids through single parents online.