Dating professor after graduation

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Dating professor after graduation

I think the tl;dr text should be clarified to "between students and their relevant faculty" or something along those lines.The text you cited explicitly talks about supervisors and their subordinates.

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Current or past sexual relationships can adversely affect decisions, distort judgments, and undermine morale.To my knowledge, no ethical investigation occurred, and there were no repercussions for the professor.I'm unsure how well enforced these policies are when incidents actually occur... Pretty much every plausible set of rules you can think of is used somewhere: everything is allowed (well, generally not explicitly, but by not having rules for this at all), nothing is allowed, it's allowed only if they are in different departments, it's allowed only if the professor is not teaching or supervising the student, etc.What other factors could help determine whether a relationship would be allowed or considered appropriate?To answer the question, in most countries, there is no law against consensual relationship (at least between adults), so yes, it is allowed.If they two are of the same field, things can get a bit delicate.

Speculation of an improper relationship alone can be devastating to one's reputation even if unfounded.

You could have a secret relationship, but it's wise to avoid awkward or troublesome secrets in your professional life (and all the problems of a known relationship will be magnified if you are discovered in a secret relationship).

On the other hand, if other people in your department are aware of your romantic involvement, then it is almost certain to lead to complications.

" I feel it is well within the scope of an acceptable question.

An individual may not initiate or participate in institutional decisions involving a direct benefit or penalty to someone with whom that individual has had a sexual relationship.

managed by multiple layers of campus administration.

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