Dating pottery finds

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Dating pottery finds - Adult chat saint louis

One of the pots has a bluish reddish pigment coating and has a leaf on side top and elephants on a relief (crude reconstructions).

It is relatively rare to find whole, undamaged pieces.When an ancient settlement was violently conquered the victors would often destroy the buildings by pulling down its walls and/or totally razing it to the ground by fire.This resulted in great building stones being hurled down onto the ceramic items of everyday use. Like a forensic investigator the ceramic expert needs to assemble all of the available sherds and carefully piece them together to reconstruct the original.The analyst must search for clues in the historical references learned from lengthy studies of early ceramics.The raw material used, the process of forming or moulding, the colours applied, the style or shape, any patterns or inscriptions, the firing method and finally, any wear or usage marks, are all considerations necessary before an accurate estimation of the item can be proposed.Ceramic and pottery are often interchangeable archaeological terms but they do have specific differences.

Stoneware and earthenware pottery are terms likely to be affixed in archaeology, to rudely made utilitarian items such as bowls, cups, jugs and pots.Where missing pieces create a void, making a modern replacement piece fills the gap.Have you ever marvelled at just how much information appears to be known about an antique when it is turned upside down by Antiques Roadshow presenters?Does anyone know which era these pots belong and also, the civilization and age if known. Ive been told although a copy they can be very valuable.I can't find anything really about copies, but lots on fakes.Ceramic artefacts are often very rare due to their thinner, brittle construction being easily broken.

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