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With his own record label, studio and material Dolan became one of the biggest selling independent artists of the 1990s with albums such as 'Endless Magic' keeping him near the top of the charts. At the Oxegen Festival 2009, Blur's Damon Albarn dedicated the song "The Universal" to Dolan.At the end of the decade he refined his voice for the 21st century when he hooked up with EMI for a series of albums (such as Joe's 90s, 21st Century Joe and Home Grown) which saw him tackle more contemporary music from acts as diverse as Oasis, Pulp, Blur, U2, Bruce Springsteen, The Coral, R. Dolan never married and dealt with speculation about his sexuality throughout his life. The official biography suggests that he had a quiet offstage presence and preferred to keep romances out of the public eye but cites a long relationship with Isabella Fogarty whom he met in 1977, started dating in the 1980s and subsequently lived with.

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Norėčiau susipažinti su laisvu vienišų vyriškiu, be žalingų įpročių.The first song gleaned in this fashion was the Jim Reeves classic, (That's When I see the Blue in Your) Pretty Brown Eyes Although this trip was a further success, he turned down subsequent offers to return to Vegas.When word of this got out, other venues approached him with increased offers, thinking he was merely hunting around for the best deal, but the singer refused them all.The track was a hit in England and led to Dolan's first appearance on the BBC's Top of the Pops and helped to make him the biggest Irish star in the world at that time, eventually becoming a number one hit in 14 countries, as well as reaching Number 3 in the UK, becoming Joe Dolan's only British Top 10 hit, and one of only four hit singles Dolan ever had in the UK (all of these hits performed better in the Irish Charts).although this supposes that neither The Bachelors nor Val Doonican appeared on the show between 19 (which seems at least doubtful given that both had several big hits in both the UK and Ireland in the mid-'sixties).They soon formed a band of their own – The Drifters.

Not long afterward, the band was renamed Joe Dolan and the Drifters and finally Joe Dolan and His Drifters to avoid legal action from the American band of the same name.As well as securing his first (and last) "real" job as a compositor in local newspaper The Westmeath Examiner in 1958, Dolan also got his first guitar.After learning some skills on the instrument, he and his saxophone-playing brother Ben started to play in local bands.After the recording of Make Me An Island, Dolan was approached and signed by the MAM Agency whose major star was Tom Jones.Follow-up singles "Teresa" and "You're Such a Good Looking Woman" also made an impact.Joseph "Joe" Francis Robert Dolan (16 October 1939 – 26 December 2007) was an Irish entertainer, recording artist, and pop singer.

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