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However – in punishment for his playboy ways – the feeling isn’t reciprocated, and he watches in horror as Lucy falls into the arms of the completely charmless bookstore manager George (Jason Mantzoukas) who – unlike the rest (himself included) – was ready to “put a ring on it”. This, Robin helpfully points out, is because unlike her, Alice constantly falls into men’s “dicksand”, losing herself in the age-old female trance of phallus worship. Here, there is a pot of romantic gold at the end of the rainbow for the deserving, whether in the form of a husband (Lucy) or the self (Alice).

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Alice meets with Josh to tell him she is finished with their break and ready to get back together.Shortly after learning she is pregnant, Meg unexpectedly hooks up with a younger man, Ken (Jake Lacy), after meeting him at Alice's office Christmas Party.Ken who is the law office receptionist, is smitten with her., for all its indulgences in the trademarks of contemporary life – latest i Phone messaging, blow-dry hair bars, craft beer – couldn’t be less interested in modern, technologically-driven singleness on steroids.Instead, it just rehashes some very traditional motifs.So the film stays firmly within traditional lines, advancing the 1960s idea that to find someone else you must find yourself first.

The idea that you might never want to find “the one” is beyond its reach.She repeatedly tries to break it off, but he continues to cutely pursue her.Thinking Ken is too young for her to have a future with, she hides the pregnancy from him. Tom witnesses this and realizes he has feelings for Lucy.So off they go to New York where Alice starts work as a paralegal and meets the sex-mad Robin, whose fat – in standard Hollywood logic – acts as her green light to be the only character who is truly “myself”.Robin drags goody-two-shoes Alice out for the first of many nights on the tiles, in which they enact version one of how to be single (read: how not to be single).As her sister kindles her own relationship, Alice continues to pine after Josh.