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Most people that I know have owned a piece of Levi’s in their lives.

One has to rely heavily on the knowledge of collectors and enthusiasts, communicating through cyberspace and sharing on various forums and blogs, their finds and findings.

jackets also contain a pronged cinch-back or “clincher” located lower center of the jacket.

These so called “clinchers” used a sliver buckle dating from the early 1900’s-late 1930’s, as once the 1940’s hit .

The original use for the jeans was for miners during the Gold Rush–opportunists at the very bottom of the working class, venturing to California with very limited means, fighting the wilderness, each other, and deadly diseases eager to get a piece of the pie.

No one at the time could’ve had the slightest idea that the brand formerly known as The Two Horse Brand, would eventually grow so big that it could be seen on the likes of pop icons and presidents, let alone the entire world.

As the years roll back there are many distinguishing characteristics that will help date the earliest Levi's.

The last decade has seen pairs of jeans recovered from old mine shafts dating to the late 1800s.Although an official guide would be convenient at times, it would also shatter some of the mystery attached to the Levi’s brand, as well as deprive us of the privilege of sharing the knowledge we’ve found.A heavily discussed topic already, this isn’t going to be the first, but we wanted to add to and improve the already available guides.This issue will also have a red pocket tab with a lowercase 'e' in Levi. This era of Levi jeans marked the transition from the famous Big E Levi's (discussed below), to the lower case 'e' red back pocket tab.The only distinguishing characteristics between this era and the post 1971 era are: the top fly button (either zipper or button fly models) will have a single digit number stamped on back and the interior top of the back pocket will be single stitched instead of the later ropey chain stitching. The most sought after vintage Levi's fall in this era and before. The red back pocket tab will have upper case 'E' in LEVI.This jacket was a complete modification from the previous jackets, coming in as the first jacket to feature the now famous pointed pocket flaps and a slim fitting cut. Some of the design change are as follows: The Big ‘E’ Type III range from the 50’s – 71 and Small ‘e’ Tab range from 72 – present.

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