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The exam mentioned above will be administered to students in May 2017. Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards recognizes the certification and training of law enforcement officers from other states on a probationary period, provided the officer’s experience and training records are sufficient. In compliance with the general statutes of the state of North Carolina and specifically the Rules of Chapter 9 to Title 12 of the NC Administrative Code, Chief Stokes has been provided with a probationary certification as a fully-sworn law enforcement officer, who is able to enforce the laws of the state. Lafayette.​The City of Salisbury and the Salisbury Police Department have provided the public with as much information and documentation as they can provide in the midst of this on-going investigation.Currently, Chief Stokes has arrest powers in the state of North Carolina through August 2017. During the probationary period, the officer must complete 90 hours of study in North Carolina law as outlined in N. As stated two months ago, the City of Salisbury and the Salisbury Police Department cannot comment any further than the already provided information so as not to interfere with the on-going SBI investigation.t once we provided the initial, preliminary information, that we would have no further comment on this incident until the SBI concluded its investigation of this officer-involved shooting.

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According to my knowledge, that information has never been discussed by our Council.You can enjoy the 5 miles of pristine sandy beach, visit the seaside entertainment area, enjoy water activities and of course delicious beach food from Fried lams and Beach Pizza to Fried Dough and Salt Water Taffy. The town of Salisbury is a blend of old and new that is unique to the Northeast.Quality of life is eveident throughout the community as a whole.At the time it was the solution to a political crisis in Medieval England but its importance has endured as it has become recognised as a cornerstone of liberty influencing much of the civilized world.Only four copies of Magna Carta dating from 1215 have survived the ravages of time and Salisbury Cathedral is proud to be home to the best preserved original manuscript.Chief Stokes has more than 30 years experience and 3,000 hours of documented law enforcement training, and most recently served as a deputy chief in Lynchburg, Virginia. It would be highly inappropriate for the Salisbury Police Department or the City of Salisbury to comment on an on-going investigation, particularly an investigation this important to our community.

Unfortunately, as we wait for the SBI investigation to conclude, assumptions, accusations and misinformation have been shared with the public and the news media. Laurent, the officer involved, the search warrant and the items recovered from the home, were provided to members of the public and the news media from the city in the spirit of truth and transparency.The characterization that we are being secretive or not forthcoming is highly inaccurate.We continue to stand by the decision to not comment at this time until the SBI investigation is concluded.As always, we ask visitors and residents to be aware of their surroundings and take appropriate safety measures to ensure personal security.We continue to encourage residents to research and seek truth from legitimate sources instead of relying on inflammatory websites that seek to incite fear instead of relaying factual information.Homes dating back to the early 1600’s stand alongside farms, modern suburban style houses, contemporary beach-side properties and traditional New England cottages, all of which blend together to create a distinctive New England beach setting.

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