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The fertile lands of the Quesnel countryside are home to many farms and ranches, a number of which are open to visitors.The North Cariboo Farm Tour highlights several working farms and ranches.

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Well-stocked lakes offer great fishing opportunities. Explore the great outdoors in Quesnel or head to the First Nations' community of Nazko ("river flowing from the south"), or east toward Wells, Barkerville, and the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit.

To the east of Quesnel lie Wells, Barkerville, and Bowron Lake Provincial Park, a popular canoeing destination in the Cariboo Mountains.

The name is derived from Jules Maurice Quesnel, who accompanied Simon Fraser on his journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Since the first First Nation's summer camp at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel rivers, Quesnel's close proximity to this waterway system has attracted explorers, prospectors, farmers and adventurers.

Explore the city's rich cultural heritage at the Quesnel & District Museum and in more than 30 heritage sites around town.

It is claimed to be home to the world's largest gold pan, although this is disputed by Nome, Alaska.

The Rocky Mountaineer train also travels through and stops overnight in Quesnel.Quesnel is sister city to Shiraoi, Japan and Val-d'Or, Quebec.Quesnel hosted the 2000 British Columbia Winter Games, an annual provincial amateur sports competition.A wide variety of dining choices and accommodations are available in Quesnel.Large chain hotels, motels, and restaurants are found in the city, as well as unique local hotels, and B& a small city that is part of the Cariboo District of British Columbia, Canada.