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If you wanna have some fun playing with my rockabilly band, check out this new jam tracks CD "Jam With The Jime" .I wrote two e Books about playing rockabilly guitar.

I often get asked how I set the Sans Amp GT2 pedal to get a vintage sound.Anyway, I AM in good company with the DD-3 as Scotty Moore (Elvis Presley) also is using one nowadays alongside with a chorus (to emulate the frequency impurity of a tape echo). I haven't tried this one myself, but the online sound samples on BOSS' website sound pretty convincing to me.However, I'd like to mention some alternatives: Other effects : Distortion : The BOSS FBM-1. I still prefer the Sans Amp though, and I think it's more HI-FI than the BOSS (It SHOULD be actually, because it's a studio effect, which is a notch or two above a guitar pedal in sound quality).I see no problem in that, even if you're trying to get a vintage'ish sound.Quite on the contrary actually: If it hadn't been for cheap hi-res sound cards, I could never have afforded to experiment and record as much as I have.There are many other suitable echo units/pedals out there and some of them are better than my DD-3.

The Boss met my needs though and recreates the sound I have on our records so I looked no further.A great new book on Rockabilly has just been released.I've contributed with my article on Burlison/Martin and some info on the European rockabilly scene and its bands.Therefore digital emulation is often the way to go.The big exception here is - of course - microphones.Later on, in the Guitar section, I'll also talk about Standel and Echo Sonic, but they're produced in such small numbers that it's fair to say they'll only have historic interest to the most of us So...

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