Dating cliches long walks beach

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As standard questions on most online dating websites, you would think that depending on how intriguing or quirky your answers are, they would lead you one step closer to finding the perfect match.

yeeee haw No woman wanted to walk on the beach until they saw it in the movies back in the 50's. It was so late that nobody was on the beach but me.

Maybe the "long walk on the beach" is their way of saying they want you to take them on an exoctic vacation. Although I am near South Padre Island it is about the same as Galveston.

I have seen some of the best beaches in the world in Europe, Western & Eastern Asia and few decent US locales,(never sent to Hawaii) and I do get the "romantic" aspect of it.

Lots of people around, you can talk without having to yell, and you are pretty much forced to talk about something, otherwise it would probably be a pretty short walk.

Edit : I could be biased though, because the beach near me is ranked one of the best beaches in Ontario - although I've heard it's absolute crap compared to an ocean ha ha you must be referring to Galveston.

I suspect it's cause they thing its what women want to read.... Of course, I think it's still a great idea for a date.

The beach is very relaxing, you can go swimming, there's almost always food sources nearby, and gorgeous sunsets.

The old dating profile cliche is "I like long walks on the beach..." It's one of those things that everyone tells you that you shouldn't say. How do you say that in your profile without being horribly cliched? "I grew up on Cape Cod, so I've always felt at home with the sand between my toes and water lapping at my feet." "I'm a city boy, but now that I live so close to the water, I've fallen in love with the sound of the waves." I'm as comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt as I am in my finest clothes.

Let's take a look at some old cliches and how to rewrite them to work for your dating profile: I like long walks on the beach...

These online dating clichés are keeping YOU single.

Do you like to have a good time, consider yourself a "real person", and are passionate about your career?

"My wardrobe is a mix of business suits and rock band t-shirts. "Looking for a girl who wants to blow your head off in Halo one day and bake you a pie the next? " "I'm the one my friends turn to when they need someone to listen and give good advice." I love life!