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Sure, we know we're to be "anxious for nothing," but for women with biological clocks approaching the eleventh hour, expressions of hope can ring hollow when preached by a married guy with three kids.God "rejoicing over us in song" (Zephaniah ) can fail to fill the weary heart as we contemplate spending old age alone.

She tells biblical stories, speaks about worship, and cares for her young children in Willowbrook, Illinois. But should we simply endure our singlehood like some sort of rash?How can our churches participate in the nurturing of our faith as single believers?What is the single experience in the church today, and how can those of us who are married help the church become a more welcoming place to those among us who have never married or are divorced or widowed?Though it may seem like a difficult task, there are small, intentional ways we can include everyone in the church community fold.Some of us act more petulantly than others and church-hop, shopping for a hip mix of trendy singles with just enough angst in common to mask our desperation.

Others of us form cliques with similarly unbetrothed saints, marking time as two by two, couples pair up and split away.

Because I wed soon after college, I’ve spent little time in church as a single person.

However, I have had several lengthy conversations with friends like Karen and Kristie who shared with me experiences and ideas about singleness and the church, both as lay people and from current positions of pastoral leadership.

And then there are the brave ones who steadfastly profess our singlehood doesn't gnaw on our psyche, even as we secretly wonder if we're only kidding ourselves.

Singlehood: The New Reality Unfortunately, part of this is simply how mating happens in our society.

When I was a child, I remember scanning the congregation during boring moments of the sermon.