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Being a source of comfort is one of the most romantic things you can do for her.

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A critical, negative or gloomy person will just bring you down.When your girlfriend fails to give you the undivided attention you crave, keep in mind she probably can’t help it. In college, my best friend and I had a something we referred to as “closet mountain.” What was closet mountain?Change is inevitable, and in a relationship with someone who has ADD, change will be frequent. Essentially, it was a pile of clothes, which ranged in cleanliness and had accumulated throughout many sessions of getting ready.If you are or considering dating a woman with ADD (ADHD), these 6 things are important for you to understand. In the past, I've been contacted by ADD women that were having a hard time because their man just didn't understand them.Their man had a hard time dealing with them and often times said hurtful things out of anger and frustration.How do you know if this new person is a good match for you?

How do you know if it is love or just the excitement of a new partner?Is it important to you that this person connects with your family members? Can you accept these qualities, or do you feel a nagging suspicion that as the relationship progresses, you may be less inclined to be accepting of them?If this person also has ADD, are they involved in treatment and actively getting help in managing their own ADD symptoms?If you want to maintain the relationship over the long term, you must also address negative patterns that have gotten you in trouble in the past.Beginning to date or re-entering the dating process after a divorce can be an exciting and thrilling time, but it can also be filled with uncertainty, anxiety and even rejection.At any given moment, my mind goes in a multitude of directions.

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