Dating a 17 year old

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Dating a 17 year old - datingmarriage percentages of the netherlands

Look, most guys go through a bad relationship or three while they're young. At best, he's found a great woman with whom he really connects and this will work out in the long run. I'm sorry to tell you, but at 17 your little boy is grown up and you need to treat him like an adult, and set yourself up for having a good adult relationship with him. My parents-in-law met when she was 30 and he was 20. Keep the lines open with him, and be as welcoming as you can with her, and NEVER put him in a position where he feels he has to choose. I know this tho - by not accepting her, you are telling him that his ability to choose a partner is no good. He will definitely dig in to prove you wrong, maybe getting more hurt by ignoring stuff he would otherwise see in defiance of your opinion.

And Rose you are right, a flat no will always send them right to the forbidden object.I just wanted to see if i was crzy to feel the way I do... If an older man were dating a child of this age he would get the book thrown at him. In a matter of months, he can up and move in with her and you'll have ZERO say in it.I know he is going to have to make his own choices and mistakes, but I really wish he could have waited a bit more And stranger: you hit the nail on the head with the maturity thing, he is a very mature boy, and I totaly see your point. Tread carefully because in my view you are in dangerous territory and if you make the wrong move, there's no going back (and I'm talking about your relationship with him).I'd probably be a little disturbed if my child were dating someone so much older, but some people just prefer to be with someone who is more mature.Your son may just not want to deal with stupid, giggly, constantly-texting, back-stabbing gossipy typical teen girls - maybe he wants to be with a real grown-up lady.In addition, under the UCMJ, 16 is also the de facto age of consent.

All that said, you can be prosecuted to using force or coercion regardless of age, so you will want to think about whether this young lady might potentially accuse you of something that you did not do.I am anxious to read along with you, as I am the mother of a 16 year old son myself....After thinking this over, I would have major problems with my teenage son "dating" a 26 year old woman.Your son will reach legal adulthood very soon and will be in charge of his own decisions. If there are no signs of abuse, then I would say to just let it go. Trust me, he could be doing far worse things..trying to date an 11-year-old. I am at such a loss here, but you all are echoing my Husband.I don't think that I would have contacted the police, I don't want to ruin anyones life, but then again she culd ruin my sons. It should be in her character to refuse this relationship at his age. She will no doubt outgrow your son or he will want to date other girls a little closer to his own age.This is a tough one Mom, but as long as you stand by your son and keep him close, I imagine this will all pass.

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