Council tax benefit backdating rules

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They recommended that: “if the Government still wishes to make an early reduction in the backdating period, a three month period would strike a better balance between the aim of security an expenditure saving and recognition of the substantial differences between Housing Benefit legacy and Universal Credit positions.” The Government has rejected that advice, so from April 2016, Housing Benefit claims will only be backdated for a maximum of one month, regardless of reason.Although they have stated that by the time the change comes in the “.

The Government is going ahead with this change so it is vital that service providers look to the opportunities which Discretionary Housing Payments may offer to plug any arrears that could arise through delayed Housing Benefit claims.We look at each backdating request individually, and decide whether you have shown good cause for delaying your claim.Please give as much detail as you can, and also provide any evidence you have to support your request.If you are older than state pension credit age, we will automatically backdate your claim for Housing Benefit and local Council Tax Support for up to 3 months, provided that you qualify based on your circumstances at the time.You will not need to make a separate claim for backdating, but we will need to see proof that you were entitled to support for this period.If you provide accommodation, it could be worth clarifying with your local Housing Benefit administering council whether they envisage Discretionary Housing Payments being used in this way.

Meanwhile, we will press the Government to clarify this in future guidance. “…the policy intention is to align the Housing Benefit treatment with that in Universal Credit.You can download a backdating request form (PDF 53KB) to help you provide the information needed.Telephone: 03 Email: [email protected] Please quote your benefit claim reference in all correspondence – your claim reference is either an 8 digit number starting with 900, or a 5 digit number.“You correctly note that the other working-age income-related benefits will continue to apply a three month backdating period under the rules specific to those benefits.The effect of this is that the Housing Benefit entitlement will be linked to that backdating period provided that the Housing Benefit claim is made within one month of the claim for the other income-related benefit.Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support normally start from the Monday after you claim.