Consolidating photos iphoto

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Consolidating photos iphoto - who is kane hodder dating

Fat Cat has a similar utility for Photos, Power Photos, but due to the limitations of the Photos app itself, it wasn’t able to merge libraries together.

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Your others will be locally (or externally, if you have them on a hard drive) siloed from i Cloud's sync service.

Because I wrote a book about Photos for Mac, a user group in Chicago asked me to give them a presentation about Photos, which I did earlier this week.1 At the end of the presentation, someone asked about merging the contents of multiple Libraries together, and I had to give them the bad news: There’s just no way to do it.

Less than two hours later, there was an email in my inbox from Fat Cat Software, makers of the go-to utility for merging i Photo libraries (as well as a bunch of other i Photo-related stuff), i Photo Library Manager.

One quick note: Before you migrate all of your existing photos into Photos for OS X, make sure you have enough i Cloud storage space if you want to take advantage of i Cloud Photo Library, which syncs your images across al of your devices.

With i Cloud Photo Library turned on in the Photos app, all of your images will be uploaded to the cloud, which does eat up your i Cloud storage space.

(Aperture does have this capability, if you need to merge some libraries; you can follow our how-to guide for more information on that front.) As such, if you have multiple libraries on your machine, Photos will ask you to select which library you'd like to import when you first launch the app.

Once you've selected the library you want to use, Photos will prep and import those images.

Alternatively: Drag the library you wish to open into the Photos app icon in the dock.

You can also start a brand new, empty library by selecting "Create New" from the available options.

You can use Photos without i Cloud Photo Library -- just make sure you turn it off in the Preferences menu.

When you first open Photos, you will be asked to choose a library.

Now Power Photos has been updated to version 1.1, and it has added support for merging multiple Photos libraries together into one.

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