Communication skills validating feelings

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Communication skills validating feelings - bini gersang batu pahat tumblr

In highly charged moments validation can be so crucial and clarifying.Sometimes a conflict can be averted by simply validating what your spouse has said.

Therefore, your listeners or receivers of information are creating their meaning from a combination of what you say, how you say it, the tone of voice and your body language.Be aware that giving validation is difficult for those who are deeply wounded, self-absorbed and/or self-protective.So if you’re living with a mate who fits any of those descriptors, accept that this skill may be one that you’ll have to “lead out on” and be the example for your spouse.If the paraphrase is incorrect the speaker will usually correct you - if they feel safe to do so.For examples "So, you're saying that your concern with ............" If they say "yes" then you can move the discussion on; "If, we can address that, how do you feel about the idea?But it’s absolutely crucial to effective communication and to the fulfillment of our craving for connection with our mates.

You might want to record these questions and keep them in a place where you can retrieve them easily, like on a handy index card tucked in your wallet or on a note-keeping app on your smart phone, etc.

It may be all they were looking for in the first place.

Other important occasions for validation might be when a deep or vulnerable disclosure is being made—.

Validation is a skill that’s so very elusive to many of us.

In fact, it’s often left unexplained and definitely not often modeled in our families, churches and/or culture.

In time, you just might inspire them to let go of self-protection and risk by validating your feelings in return.

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