Christian datingcourting advice

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John Kigada is a Leadership Educator and Social Entrepreneur at the Cipher Taifa Foundation.His scholarly and curricula interests include Christology, mate selection by males, music leadership, and biblical entrepreneurial leadership.

EVERYONE is welcome to read here – regardless of your faith or background! The principles of God are always a blessing to our lives, but the greatest promises of God are for believers in Christ: ROMANS 8 applies to those who love God.

Some of the principles from God’s Word may be of benefit to unbelievers – like a woman showing respect to her man.

Men are generally hardwired to desire and respond to respect more than to respond to disrespect, just like women are generally hardwired to desire and respond to love.

I frequently point them to the scriptures and the responses are not very exciting.

Perhaps they wanted some avant-garde view that had never been heard of before.

They hoped I would…Idolizing the good things: Relationships Exodus 20:3 has the first commandment of the Decalogue: “You shall have no other gods but me.” With the biblical and historical background of Israel written for us, we can easily point out the idols- the golden calf, the Baal statues, the asherah poles and the moulded pagan deities.

My purpose is to teach biblical principles about living for Jesus Christ and preparing for a godly, Christ-centered marriage for women who have given their lives to Jesus as both Savior and Lord and who are walking in the power and wisdom of God’s Spirit. He calls us to forgive those who hurt us, to be kind to those who mistreat us, to pursue Him above worldly things. It goes completely against what is politically correct, what is intuitive to us and what comes naturally to us as sinful people.His design for marriage seems backwards to our human minds.I noticed that most of the questions asked by unmarried youth in our country have to do with a lack of emotional integrity.I have written on emotional integrity…Last year alone, from our interaction with several young married couples, we noticed that there are some men in church who behave badly in their marriages because there is no one to rebuke them when they are out of line.24For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.