Christian dating for young people

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But this is the reality many Orthodox Christians in North America and Europe today.

When a couple do not share the same faith and same religious commitment, then when the going gets tough, where do they go for help?If you suspect that a particular friend may indeed be someone with whom you could spend your life, then enquire if he/she suspects the same thing.If you are too shy to ask directly, then ask a trusted third person to make enquiries for you.(I probably didn’t surprise anyone.) Good people are good people no matter where you find them.Hang out with good people and you will become a better person.Christians are called to a life of repentance, a life in which Christ is God and my life is His.

Sex, even “great” sex, is a normal part of life for married Christians; but, and here is the irony for our culture, great sex is the byproduct of Christ-like loving and giving in the context of a life-long relationship.

Unfortunately, our culture has taught us that sexual attraction is key to finding a suitable life partner; in fact for much of our culture, good sex is the highest form of transcendence conceivable.

But let me state the obvious: this is not a Christian culture.

The Orthodox Church allows marriages between Orthodox Christians and other Christians (not non-Christians).

The main stipulation is that the couple agree to raise the children Orthodox.

This allowance came to be in a world in which children were often promised in marriage before they were three years old.

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    It can be verbal or physical and sometimes, as in the case of Wayland, Mass., teen Lauren Astley, it can end in death. Researchers estimate that one in three young adults between the ages of 14 and 20 has experienced some form of dating violence.

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