Christian connection dating site

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Christian connection dating site - Free sex web cams with no sign in

And theres hardly anyone suitable who lives near me which doesnt help.Ive tried searching further a field as theyve suggested but still no response and one that ive seen in london (i live in birmingham) emailed him back and forth only for him less than a week later to turn around and email me that he cant contact me anymore because of the distance. Read Full Review Written on: 17/09/2015 To be honest most of the women on there are no different.

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Being a Christian myself I do like the site, but really could do with more paid members and people that actively use their account…

They finally informed It was because I included my email on my profile below my picture which of course I understood once they explained.

However the thing is I actually got the idea from a MULTI-TUDE of other members on the site which ALL seemed to "get away with it". Read Full Review Written on: 13/04/2016 I do agree, they are unfair.

I will NEVER EVER RECOMMEND this website to anyone... Read Full Review It probably works for some people. There are older men on there, 50 and it makes me wonder why they would contact a 20 something girl.

Some of the other guys are quite persistent even though I don't contact them back.

When I took a stand for a much more traditional (no extramarital sex) view, I was simply deleted. Read Full Review I joined christianconnection with hopes of finding other brothers & sisters in Christ.

I attempted to make an account twice and each time I had my account closed for unknown reasons.It doesn't help that there is only a tiny percentage of paid up female members, if you do contact somebody and they are not a member, you'll only get the message that they are not members and they cannot answer your mail.I think the membership rate is too high, it's putting people off becoming…I disagreed with a man and he is their big supporter, so I had my account closed, without due process and certainly without any Christian virtue on their part.Functional dating option for Christians with detailed profile fields, photos and search. Unfortunately, hampered by inappropriate behaviour by members in terms of communication, which considering the fact is a Christian specific web site run by Christians is very disappointing….culprits being those couple guys who mainly use banter room but can't help themselves making comments at newbie males in other rooms!