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After you tag someone in your post, please email them to let them know so they can help spread the word. Tags: jessmcculloch, jomcleay, johnpearce, judyoconnell, jasonhando, k12online07, k12online, meme As the 2007 K12 Online Conference gets closer, it’s time to start getting the word out to everyone about it.Oh, and if you really want to help spread the word, why not print yourself a copy of the flyer and leave a few around your school? You may recall I blogged on it a few weeks ago, but since that time I volunteered to help out on an organising committee for the conference so I’m getting to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes of a conference like this.

I felt pretty lucky to be able to see and use one, as I don’t imagine too many other people have had the chance.They are not quite down to 0 each yet, but are getting closer…Pia said they are being produced for about 0 at the moment.I met Pia last month at the CSTA meeting where we were both speaking, and I had a great chat to her over dinner about all sorts of things that any normal person would probably consider geeky in the extreme.Pia is a super smart lady and very passionate about the whole Open Source movement, so I really enjoyed talking with her that night.You can use the same principle to spread information too. Then, list three reasons to participate based on your experience from last year or, if you didn’t attend last year, write three things you hope to gain from taking part this year. All Australian and coincidentally all starting with a J.

Once you’ve written your 3 things, then tag several others who will do the same thing. Jess Mc Culloch Jo Mc Leay John Pearce Judy O’Connell Jason Hando Spread the love!

I wandered over to Bryn Jones’ table and the two of us had a chance to check it out a bit further.

I was pretty impressed to be able to get so much hands-on with it, as these things are still very hard to come by unless you are a child in one of the targeted countries.

Sugar does not try to model itself on the more traditional WIMP-style UI such as that found in Windows-style interfaces, but instead was designed to answer the question “What would a user interface look like for a child who has never seen a computer before? I had a little play, but had to hand it back all too soon so Pia could deliver her presentation.

During lunch however, I spotted Pia again and she let me take the OLPC for an extended play.

I was surprised just how much overlap there was between his talk and what I was trying to allude to in this previous post.

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