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Furthermore, re-excavations in the Post-Pleistocene sites associated with stone tools of Paleolithic industry have been conducted by NM archaeologists.Considerable data have been gathered on the distribution of extinct fauna and paleo-environment in Southeast Asia, such as Sulawesi, Java, Timor and Flores and the Philippines (Aziz, 1988; Fox 1971; Glover 188; Hooijer 1948, 1975; Koenigswald 1958; Shutler 1988, Sondaar 1988; de Vos 1988, Bautista 1988).

Itinanggi naman ito ng suspek at pinagbintangan pa ang bata.

Their findings revealed the earliest trace of the emergence of man in the Philippines projected back in time to the middle of the Pleistocene Epoch at about 800,000 years before the present.

These evidences came in the form of stone tools identified as man made.

Ang 55-anyos na si Baitara ay nagsilbing konsehal sa bayan ng Pantar, Lanao del Norte mula 1998 hanggang 2006.

Nakuha mula sa suspek ang mga gadgets, P100,000 boodle money, mga resibo ng mga money remittance sa umanong mga transaksyon ng droga, at dalawang malalaking sachet ng hinihanalang shabu.

Nakumpiska din ng mga awtoridad ang ibang identification cards ng suspek na paiba-iba ang mga alyas.

Isang lalaking menor de edad naman ang na rescue ng mga pulis na tinuturong runner umano ni Baitara.

The sites tended to confirm previous reports by prominent paleontologists and archaeologists from Europe that both Pleistocene mega-fauna fossils and chopper-chopping stone tools were present in the valley, suggesting mid-Pleistocene date for tool technology in the area at the earliest and later periods..

Tentative results of radio-metric reading in the valley have yielded at tektite date of approximately .92 - 1.7 m.y.

Excavations by the National Museum and field research by the Cagayan Museum have yielded vast archeological findings including artifacts dating back to: the Paleolithic Age; the Neolithic Age, a time when man started to produce his own food through domestication of plants and animals; Iron Age which covers the transition from 2000 B. It was once a part of the long prehistoric international trade with neighboring countries.

The Historic Age likewise chronicled the date when Juan Salcedo visited the valley.

Humigit kumulang P1.8 milyon na halaga ng hinihinalang shabu ang nakumpiska sa Cagayan de Oro mula sa dati umanong konsehal sa Lanao del Norte.

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