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You will meet each and every one of these stereotypes at Tom’s Burned Down Café in downtown La Pointe.

Town Park is where we camp, and with showers and Wi-Fi it isn’t too rustic.There are trustafarians who devote their lives to the highest-quality mood alteration taking refuge on historic family complexes.There are nouveau pioneers with well-cultivated facial hair who have founded locavore restaurants and candlemaking boutiques.The Ojibwe who dominated the ancient routes collaborated with the French voyageurs when they first appeared in the mid-1600s, and history book celebrities such as Father Marquette and John Jacob Astor will forever be linked to the island.A century ago, one of the first tourists to Madeline said, “It looks like a fairy scene, and everything about it is enchantment.” And once you get out there, a strange scene it is.There are proud Native Americans who refuse to be pushed onto the mainland Chequamegon reservations.

And there are straight-up Jimmy Buffett parrothead hippies who want nothing to do with the very citiots they once were.

The growing season lasts nearly a month longer than it does on the mainland, so the makeup of the trees is different, less coniferous, a more diverse array of hardwoods.

The largest of the 22 Apostle Islands (almost exactly the same square footage of Manhattan) is considered to be sacred by the Ojibwe.

They own the ferry company and rule over the local business and government with a firm if benevolent hand.

Until recently, Tom’s estranged cousin Greg Nelson served as the chairman of the town board.

Sure, you’re only isolated by that beer-long ferry ride, but when you realize that you’re going to be literally on an island with your vacation party—whether three or 30—you begin to think more philosophically, even strategically, about your traveling companions.