Bulgarian dating customs

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Although family life has changed considerably with the transition from the traditional rural-agricultural life into an urban industrial-modern system, to these days women and particularly mothers in Greece play the most important family roles.The man is the family's outside representative, enjoying the social prestige and esteem, but the woman traditionally was and is the organizer of the household, the mediator in family disputes, and the guardian of the family's unity.

After the defeat of Germany and the end of World War II, Greece joined NATO in 1952 and experienced a bitter civil war between communist and anticommunist forces.

In August 1974 Greek forces withdrew from the integrated military structure of NATO in protest against the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus. In 1981, Greece joined the EC (now the EU) and became the 12th member of the Eurozone in 2001.

It successfully hosted the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Younger people are not as devout church-goers as their parents and grandparents, yet most will still turn to the church for holidays or for important rituals such as weddings and funerals.

Despite the fast moving processes of Europeanization and globalization, Greece remains a profoundly religious country.

The Greek Family The Greek society consists of close-knit families where important social organizations have gradually evolved from the idea of family.

The institution of marriage also plays an important role in society.The family offers both financial and emotional support to its members and family relationships carry over into business with nepotism largely seen as something acceptable.It is very common for relatives to work for the same company because Greeks prefer to do business with those they know and trust.Religion is present in the education sector, both in private and public schools, where children have compulsory religious courses and pray collectively in the morning before the start of classes.The Orthodox Church is also much integrated into the politic matters of the country.As the Greek say, Orthodoxy is less an institution than a sentiment, expressed by the population and by the public powers.

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