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The gates to Singer's mansion are wide open if you're young, cute, and skinny—and if you can't find your way in, there's likely someone out there to pluck you.As Buzzfeed also reported Wednesday night, it's widely believed in West Hollywood that Singer has multiple men who, as one source put it to me, "do [Singer's] bidding for him." The staging ground for this operation is Tiger Heat, a notorious gay party frequented by men like Tommy Johnson (a fledgling writer) and Wayne Castro, a promoter of sorts who also throws his own party, Heaven Lounge, in conjunction with Tiger Heat, LLC.

After all, gender aside, the mogul-hosted party filled with willing-to-please ingenues is older even than Hollywood.In an email to Gawker received after this article was initially published, Johnson wrote that "I'm obviously saddened that you would print lies from sources that clearly have a personal vendetta against me.None of it is true." In a separate statement to Buzzfeed, Johnson said that he'd "heard that rumor [that he found twinks for Bryan Singer] before [...] it's completely false." Johnson's full email to Gawker can be found at the bottom of this post."I had no idea who [Johnson] was," says Ryan (not his real name), a 19-year-old who spent 10 months in Los Angeles on business last year and quickly found himself being courted by Johnson and Castro.But in the time Ryan spent with Singer and his crew in 2013, he saw a lot of boys he felt sure were under 18.One incident involving Castro especially struck him."I went down to a club in West Hollywood and I saw Wayne and Tommy there.Let’s put this in the “We Did Not Know That Department”. And, if you believe internet rumors from back in 2011, he has a boylet named Jess who used to star in Sean Cody videos. Okay, we must admit that we really don’t know if these two really became an item and, if they were, whether they are still in a relationship.

Sean Cody, for those of you who are uninitiated, is an internet site which features non-mainstream adult-oriented videos. Still, we decided to blog about them because we are amused by the comments we came across one site which are criticizing/condemning the director for maybe shacking up with a young guy.

'" He says that another boy then responded by saying, "Yeah, I told my Mom I'm staying at your house tonight.

We're all set, we can stay here."To be clear: We don't know that there were boys under the age of 18 at that party.

(The rapper Iggy Azalea is performing there this weekend.)Johnson and Castro, according to three sources, introduce boys to Singer, and have even been known to become territorial over who has brought which boys to the director.

At Tiger Heat, Castro and Johnson are noticeable, as older—and not exactly attractive—men who are surrounded by twinks.

What did the commenters say about this supposed relationship?