Brick and lace dating

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Becks, London: I feel your pain — but imagine how hard life is for me, not only am I stunning, I’m also super-intelligent, an outstanding sportswoman and thin. Jen, Doncaster: I think that Samantha was brave to make this observation public.

Having cut their teeth singing backup for Roberta Flack, Lauryn Hill and family friend Marcia Griffiths, Nyanda and Nailah went on to record their first song back in Jamaica with dancehall super-producer, Tony Kelly (who actually reunites with Brick & Lace on “Push It”—a racy dancehall track generously steeped in Duran Duranisms).Nyanda and Nailah wrote or co-wrote every single song on Love Is Wicked.“I’d say we’re artists in the truest sense,” acknowledges the philosopher of the two, Nyanda.The amalgamated sound that makes up their Kon Live/180/Geffen debut, Love Is Wicked, is unique, though also at once very familiar.Born to a Jamaican father and an American mother and raised predominantly in Kingston, Jamaica --on an opulent musical diet of reggae, R&B, hip hop, pop and country-- 26-year-old Nyanda and 24-year-old Nailah Thorbourne couldn't help but be trans-eclectic."We are a hybrid," affirms Nailah in her effortlessly sexy West-Indian lilt.

The storm at the centre of which Pascal finds himself erupted on Tuesday after his wife decided to write in the Daily Mail about the burden she feels she has carried all her life — the burden of being beautiful.

“But we still felt that there was an edge missing, so I came up with ‘Brick.’ It has stuck with us ever since and has evolved with us.” To the ladies of Brick & Lace, their name represents the duality and complexity of the everywoman.

“Sometimes you want to wear a cap and sneakers and look grimy,” Nyanda tells. On their agile down-bottom introductory single “Never,” over Akon’s seething sonic brew, Brick & Lace caution wayward suitors to behave themselves if they want a chance with the sisters.

Pascal, meanwhile, has decided to give his only interview to the Daily Mail. Sam might be the more metropolitan of the two, but when she and Pascal got together, it was she who had to learn his language.

So is Samantha the arrogant egomaniac of popular perception? He is a big physical presence, a man who hunts wild boar. So how does such a man cope with being married to a woman like Samantha, a woman for whom every day is like being leading lady on a first night, with kisses being blown in her direction and flowers thrown at her feet?

“We are a hybrid,” affirms Nailah in her effortlessly sexy West-Indian lilt.