Black men dating muslim women

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Many of them lack the context to understand the history of how Black men and women have been pitted against each other.

The Moynihan report conducted in the 1960s argued that assertive, intelligent, and independent Black women undermined the well being of Black men. In essence, it is easier to blame Black women for poor schools, inner city poverty, and crime, rather than historical legacy of segregated housing, discriminatory banking, post industrial economy, and neoliberal policies.

Legal scholars Marilyn Tarbrough and Crystal Bennett write: in the stereotype of Sapphire, African American women are portrayed as evil, bitchy, stubborn and hateful.

In other words, Sapphire is everything that Mammy is not.

I have tried to commit myself to level of civil discussion as I critically engage with issues that reflect my anti-racist anti-sexist commitments.

One of the most unnerving discourses on social media, however, involves gendered racism–especially the gendered racism that reifies stereotypes about Black women.

One typo laden comment on my blog proclaims:black women are what you might call a lost woman and a weak woman her problem is she has been trained to think like racist white america but the difference is white people atach(sic) their v Alue(sic) to themselves while black women attach value tomaterials(sic) titles and money she cant(sic) seperate(sic) her personal life from these women in their current state of mind will never on a large scale ever be a good mate for anyone especially a american black man the white male has ingrained to(sic) much poison into her she is therefore a walking curse the bases(sic) of her problems is she hates herself and she has been taught to hate black men she is in a useless struggle to be a woman to a white man notice in all her conversations is the pursuit of men of other races this is what they want to do they just using problems with black men as an excuse.

Non-Muslim professional African American men are not opting out on Black women… These brothers will marry Caribbean, Afro latina, or anything but African American sisters.And Allah hears your dialogue; indeed, Allah is Hearing and Seeing.(Qur’an 58:1) Whether through microagressions or macroagressions that dismiss our sister-scholars-activists, marginalization of Black Muslim women depletes our spiritual resources.Often, the dismissals of legitimate complaints are based on explicit and implicit bias or internalized racism, combined with sexism.While social media allows for a widening discourse on gender, race, and Islam, it can become a toxic place.While the majority of married Black men are married to Black women, there are still negative tropes that affect how we relate to one another, how we work together, and in turn affect how effective we are as a community.

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