Bert mccracken dating

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Bert Mc Cracken is very sensitive to music and can use it to achieve emotional balance and harmony.He is definitely not one to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Bert Mc Cracken makes friends his family, and he feels a close kinship with people who share some ideals or beliefs that he holds dear.35 years old (Born on February 25, 1982) American, Singer; He is famous from Frontman of The Used amd being the boyfriend of Kelly Osbourne. Was great friends with My Chemical Romance, particularly with lead singer Gerard Way until they fell out in June of 2005. Bert Mc Cracken becomes very cross if he lacks vigorous physical activity.Mc Cracken feels his best if he frequently "does battle" on the tennis or racquetball court (or engages in another form of competitive sport).Bert Mc Cracken cares very much about others' opinions and craves love and appreciation as much as anyone - however one would never know it from Mc Cracken's reserved and seemingly detached demeanor.

Casual, superficial relationships do not interest Bert at all.Bert Mc Cracken experiences powerful, compelling emotional and sexual attractions, and he may feel that he has little choice or control over his desires.Bert Mc Cracken has an intense need for love and may be emotionally greedy or insatiable.It is relatively easy for Bert Mc Cracken to attract companionship and affection, and there will never be a lack of such relationships in his life. He is uninhibited and spontaneous and will often do something unexpected or humorous in order to loosen people up and get them out of their rut.Bert Mc Cracken craves emotional stimulation, excitement, surprises and anything new. He is a dreamer who is attracted to the inner, mystical side of life, and may have trouble distinguishing the real from the imagined or illusory.Bert Mc Cracken inspires others to take positive action in their lives through his own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life's challenges, and he is attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous and independent.