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Consequently, uranium was prevented from seeping further into the wells and environment.


After scientists injected acetate, the bacteria’s food, into the groundwater, the microbes multiplied and rendered the uranium insoluble [7].

She also foresees a wide range of possibilities from this new discovery: modifying the bacteria’s functional groups to extend its range to radioactive isotopes of technetium, plutonium, and cobalt, and replicating the bacteria’s ability with devices composed of nanowires, which would aid the cleanup of sites such as Fukushima where the bacteria cannot survive [6].

Yuri Gorby, a microbiologist of the University of Southern California believes that the new field of “electromicrobiology” can encompass other microbes with conductive nanowires, such as photosynthetic cyanobacteria and thermopilic methanogens [6].

In the case of nuclear energy, stringent countermeasures have been made.

For example, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, covering all countries except India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea, halts the development of nuclear weapons and only promotes peaceful nuclear use [8].

Unfortunately, the fact still remains that nuclear plants are excellent targets in a war; a single well-aimed missile could trigger a devastating nuclear meltdown.

This leads into the final issue of nuclear plant failures.Furthermore, it has stable long term costs and an effective output; in comparison to the billions of tons of greenhouse gas and thousands of pollutants from fossil fuel, the annual spent nuclear fuel for the world is 12,000 tons [5].However, nuclear energy has three divisive issues: the role of nuclear energy in war and terrorism, the disastrous plant failures, and, the most pressing problem, waste disposal. However, the answer to this problem lies not in isolated mountains, but with microscopic bacteria.Currently, the world consumes over eighty million barrels of oil per day [1]. Clearly, the world needs to take a decisive stand on future energy reliance.Of these eighty million, eighteen million are consumed by the U. Unfortunately, current alternative energy options cannot support the global population; the most economically viable source, hydropower, accounts only for seven percent of the U.Similar to nanowires, the bacterium’s conductive pili, hair-like structures on its surface, release the electrons the microbe produces into materials such as uranium; this in turn reduces the metal, making it much less soluble, while creating electricity [6].

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