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Spotted deer are more shy, and they are probably disappearing with the tiger and the wild buffalo.During the cold weather the surface of the jhils is studded with innumerable flocks of teal and wild duck, while their reedy marges are the favourite haunt of snipe, but it is probable that this bird is less frequent here than in the rice-fields of Bengal.

The country has a gentle slope from the north-west, where the highest point of 600 feet is reached on the Khairigarh plateau, to the south-eastern frontier, which in one place falls as low as only 230 feet above the sea level.

So many contradictory theories have been advanced, and so little is known of the nature and causes of this agricultural curse, that the short preface to a Gazetteer is not the place for their consideration ; but it seems unquestionably to be a frequent result of over-cropping, and that a thicker population does more to increase than any known remedy to obviate it.

Except minute particles of gold, which are washed down by the hill torrents in quantities too infinitesimal to repay their collection, valuable minerals are not known to exist.

The average distance of water from the surface has been esti- mated in the reports on the Sarda Canal project at twenty-eight feet.

But it varies greatly in different parts of the province.

Now it may be occasionally reported that a solitary tusker has lost his way to the foot of the hills ; but such instances are rarely well substantiated, and the animal is practically unknown. roamed in tlie forests of Kheri, but it is now many years since the last pair of horns fell to a European sportsman.

Men- yet live who remember the time when tigers swarmed along the banks of the Rdpti, and the names of more than one village record the terror they inspired.They do little damage, except by occasionally killing small calves and pigs, and their extreme wariness and migratory habits make it very difficult for the sportsman to mark them down.Nilgde are found in herds all over the province, and' it is a frequent complaint that their numbers and the depredation* they commit on the crops have much increased since the villa- gers have been disarmed.The soil is naturally a rich alluvial deposit of light loam, stiffening in places into pure clay, and here and" there degenerating into barren sand.By far the greater part of the land returned as unculturable is made up of the wide lisar plains of the south and west, which are covered by a thick saline efflorescence known as reh, fatal to any growth except the hardiest grasses.The mountain torrents which pour into the Chauka and the Rapti spread during the rains over the neighbouring plain, leaving a thick deposit of detritus' from the hills.